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RV Trip Days #18 – 20 = Nowhere Land!

Hello! We are in the land of food!!!! 

Growing food, that is. It is a glorious sight to look all around us and see food growing to its fullest potential. It also makes me mighty grateful to all those who choose to provide food for our tables, each and every day. Thank you Agriculture Community! 

The last two days we have been out in the middle of nowhere. Okay. It wasn’t nowhere, it just had no internet! So we weren’t able to upload a blog. But we had A LOT of fun!  

We left our rest area in Sydney, Nebraska pretty early after a rough night’s rest next to a refrigerator truck. 😫🥱🥴 If you ever have to sleep near any semi trucks, make sure they aren’t running their engines. Generators are fine, but engines mean that they are running a lot more than you want to deal with all night. Lesson learned. 😒

We spent our entire day on the road, with a nice rest stop at The Archway in Kearney, Nebraska. It is an AMAZING museum on the history of the expansion west by pioneer trials, railroad, highway, and then the internet. It was a welcomed break, as well as an excellently created museum. The Mormon Trail was included in the history. They weren’t exactly right in their facts, but their information wasn’t too disparaging. 

We made a “quick” stop at Sam’s Club and Walmart in Lincoln, Nebraska. NOT my favorite city. We then traveled to nowhere, Iowa to stay on the cabin property of a friend I made in Costa Rica, ending our day of traveling with a Montana steak dinner feast! 🥩 🥔 

There are no coincidences that I met this woman. She is truly amazing, and on so many levels. She even arranged for her mother to meet us at San Diego Zoo’s rival, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. 

Her mother spoiled us with grandmotherly attention and made sure our day at the zoo was filled with the best use of our time. She even made us a personal map, pointing out to us how to best use her pass for the day. She even included IMAX tickets for “Super Dogs” at 2:30 (the perfect time to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning). 

All rides and exhibits were free with her pass. The only expense we had yesterday was lunch. It was expensive and nasty, but we couldn’t complain because the day FAR outweighed the food we had to consume (the zoo wouldn’t let us re-enter, so we were forced to find food in the zoo 🤷🏻‍♀️). Borrowers shouldn’t complain. 😉

We enjoyed: a sky tram ride overlooking “Africa”, a reminiscent tour of the jungle 😉😉 teasing my kids that “I wish I had lived near this . . . “ all throughout the tour, enjoying a beautifully created aquarium (something we have wanted to experience for years!!), a carousel ride 🎠, touching/feeding stingrays, browsing the apes/lemurs/Asian animals, and touring a desert biome that looks like the Epcot ball.

Then we enjoyed our family movie time, complete with popcorn 🍿. The air conditioning was divine, and the story thoughtful. Then we said good-bye to the zoo, purchasing a parting sticker to put on our Memory Chair, and entered our steaming hot RV with beeping fridge alarm. We forgot to give the fridge propane to keep it cool. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Next came a tour of the Winter Quarters cemetery and a pic in front of the locked temple. Although it pained me to see another locked temple, my heart leapt for joy that this temple had been built next to a pioneer cemetery. One of my favorite attributes about President Nelson is that he talks to both sides of the veil when he speaks. Listen for it. It is truly amazing! 

We made a quick stop for Sonic ice (it is my #1 recommendation for RV-ing with a family during hot temperatures!!!).  We drove to my friend’s cabin property, once again, but this time via Council Bluffs. Again, another locked gate, but the tabernacle was so special. I’m grateful it’s memory still stands and I can share it’s truth from the comforts of our vehicle. 

We arrived to my friend’s property with her and her family newly home from their own RV-ing adventure over the last several weeks. We rejoiced seeing one another, and once quickly settled for the night, we enjoyed a campfire dinner of hotdogs and s’mores. 😋 

The kids played with a homemade zip-line (courtesy of their days spent in Costa Rica) and a homemade tree house, while the parents talked. Then the fireflies came out to play and we knew it was time for bed. 

Before we could go to sleep, haircuts, showers, and a load of laundry had to be taken care of. This MAXED OUT our water supply and at 2 am, Paul was battling to help the washer stop trying to fill up with water for the final rinse.  I was woken from a dead sleep. 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 We both fought to get back to sleep for over an hour. Finally we did, but the affects tarried until this afternoon. 

When we awoke, Paul got to work on filling our 100 gallon water tank from our friend’s hose. What a Saint! She and her husband shared their property, electricity, water, camp fire, time, food, and memorable talents with our family. 💕💕💕 I literally felt the love of God pouring from these people. They are the salt of the earth! 

After a morning of strawberry/raspberry cream pancakes, family RV chores (including a washed floor – oh how nice!), and the RV prepped and ready to go, we said our good-byes. I have to admit this good-bye was difficult for me. 

Rachel has been a rock for me this past year. She came into my life when I had quite a few unanswered questions. She has allowed me time and space to find the answers for myself, but along the way, she has pointed out direct evidence of the hand of God in my life. 😂 I cry for joy that I even get to know this woman and I hope that she and I can become strength giving friends/sisters for the rest of our days.

Then it was time for family prayer so our family could return to the great, wide open! We made all the necessary stops (diesel, free dump station, and a long awaited Arby’s lunch). Then we spent the entire day in the RV, just driving past one crop of corn or soy, after another. It truly is a sight to be seen!!! Especially when a crop duster flys by!!!! That is AMAZING to behold!!  

Tonight’s plan is to stay with Paul’s past co-worker/Boss from his Perot Systems days. We are planning to stay with him and his family for the next couple of nights. They have an apple orchard and small farm. Paul has us signed up to do chores. The kids are kind of freaking out! 

I’ll wrap up here, as to prevent any more internet issues. We love you all! Thank you for your prayers of faith. We feel them every day! 

Happy Wednesday, 

P.S. – Did you know Wednesday is my favorite day of the week? Maybe it has to do with the name being so close to mine? Or maybe it’s because the week is half over? Or maybe it’s because last week is still fresh on my mind, yet this week is unfolding? Either way, I LOVE to write Wednesday in my journal. It just looks so pretty in cursive. 💕


  • Allison

    Wow what adventures you’ve had! Who knew Omaha had an amazing zoo?!? Crazy! It sounds amazing though! I loved all the pictures of just driving through Farm country! I can’t wait to hear about your next adventures! And Wendi I loved your PS!! 😊

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