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RV Trip Days #20 – 23 = Deer Apple Orchard, MN.

We have been having SO MUCH FUN the last 3 days!!! 

We were blessed with a 2 full-day, 3 night vacation during our month long RV trip. This vacation couldn’t have come at a better time, nor in a better place. 

When I wrapped up Wednesday evening, I had very low expectations for our family. I assumed we would say hello to our hosts, eat a simple meal together, and then call it an early night. BOY WAS I WRONG!! 

Yuri and his family welcomed us with open arms!  They had a delicious feast waiting for us, out by their crackling fire. We immediately got to know one another over talks of family history and educational choices. Once the mosquitoes came out, Yuri’s wife had the party moved indoors, where we enjoyed our choice of rhubarb crumble or brownies, topped with ice cream. Both were so yummy! 😋

We stayed up late, but slept well. So well, both daughters were up and at ‘um before the rest of us, off to see their new friends’ hockey games. GingerSnap even got to ride in the Zamboni. So fun! 

After the games were through, we all went back to the orchard to rest and relax. The kids scattered and found plenty to do for the day.

I, on the other hand, stayed in the RV. I used the down time to take a much needed nap, cleaned out our “fridges,” meal prepped for today’s full day of driving, hung laundry to dry, and enjoyed some downtime catching up on some internet time. 

Then it was time for the orchard tour, via tractor and hay wagon. It was a bumpy ride, so bumpy everyone got up and “surfed the waves”. We loved seeing thousands of apple trees, crops of soy/garlic/squash/corn, 2 ponds, a “haunted forest”, and all the splendor of their many acres of property. 

After our grand tour, we were treated to “happy hour,” complete with sparking lemonade, homemade bruschetta salsa and chips, various crackers and cheese, fruits, veggies, and happy conversation. Then we feasted on BBQ pork sandwiches and talked late into the night. The socializing was rejuvenating!!! 

Day 3 dawned bright and beautiful. We used this day to do what we came to do . . . CHORES!!! We all pitched in and helped this industrious family summerize and set up for a wedding they were hosting the next day. They use their orchard two fold.  First, to grow and sell their many varieties of apples.   Second, as a venue for weddings and special occasions. 

After all the work was done, then it was time for fun!!! The kids enjoyed a country sized slip and slide, “fire truck” homemade pizza, and many hours to play and visit while I taught Yuri’s wife how to make an angel food cake. It was the least I could do after she let us wash 2 loads of laundry in their super capacity washing machine!  Clean bedding and not one dirty shirt in the RV is SO NICE!!! 

After a thankful good-bye this morning, we were “on the road again.” But after a few minutes driving along the twisting streets, the RV began to smell. It got to be so strong that we made a quick call and found a much closer dump station than originally planned. Good to know that grey water needs to be dumped frequently, especially with 5 smelly, hardworking bodies taking showers. 🤢

Then it was time to drive the entire day! The kids were pros and used the first half of our drive to nap, read, relax from a 3 day vacation, and took turns talking with their dad. 

We had lunch while driving, so we could stop at an outdoor sculpture museum in Des Moines, Iowa. It cost a parking meter’s worth of quarters ($1.25) and came complete with a digital tour guide. It was A LOT of fun! Then the kids each devoured a Tillamook ice cream cone and finally watched their movie for the day. 

With the kids happily occupied, Paul and I enjoyed a date together, looking out across the vastness of Missouri. It was beautiful to behold, especially the sunset! Now we are set up in a Walmart parking lot, next to other RV-ers, ready to watch a family movie and then get some sleep. 

Happy Saturday and thanks for reading!

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  • Allison

    Wow! These days sound amazing! How wonderful to have friends and family to allow you to stop and rest and see new things! I love that you went and supported your new friend playing hockey! That’s awesome! You guys are the best! Keep on going and keep on posting!! 😊

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