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RV Trip Day #28 – Kirtland, Ohio Sites

Good Morning! ☀️ 

Yesterday was quite the day for us all. It started quite early (5 a.m.) with a knock at our RV door from a Highway Patrolman.  He woke us up to warn us that we needed to move our RV, off the shoulder in the rest area parking lot, before his Lieutenant came by and gave us a ticket. 🎫 

Paul started the RV up and got us out of the rest area, and safely to a nearby Walmart for the rest of our morning’s sleep. Thankfully we were so exhausted from the night before’s party, we all fell back to sleep until well past 10 am. 🤪😴

Once we were up, Paul took the kids to get some needs at Walmart (like water and butter), while I quickly put 3 posts on our family blog. I stayed up until 2 a.m. getting the blogs prepared.  So it was a great blessing we moved to Walmart in the middle of our sleep, because it made it possible for me to upload them. 🎉🎉🎉

It was actually quite nice to sit still and just let everyone do their thing for an hour or two. It also felt great to have the blog caught up, and to have our Haun’s Mill story shared in a way that made me feel good about it. 😉

Next came a family council meeting about personal responsibility. That too felt good to bring into the light. Living in an RV can be exhausting. It can feel like “Go, go, go!” non stop! So it felt good to refocus the responsibilities we each have into their proper place. Self Care/Family Care! 

Today’s Church History Sites were in a beautiful town called Kirtland, Ohio. We saw houses that once were used by people who helped early members of our church thrive in this community. We also saw a really cool grist mill, country store, a home that was once lived in by Joseph & Emma Smith, and we walked around a temple that once belonged to the members of our church. 

Again I was shown the truth behind comparing a building dedicated and upheld to be a House of the Lord, verses just a beautiful building. The architecture was astounding, but the feeling I feel in a temple of the Lord wasn’t there. 💕

Today’s scripture reading in The Book of Mormon really touched me and helped my spirit deeply. Reading the verses below, found in Alma 44, really helped me feel the power of God’s promises. 

What Paul and our family are doing isn’t a joke, nor is it a silly game that we are making up as we go. We are truly following feelings and thoughts in our hearts, and in our minds, that bring us peace and joy. We feel a strong desire to take the counsel we are receiving from the Holy Ghost and act upon it, no matter what may happen.  

So although we do not yet know what the outcome will be, we trust that it will be what the Lord knows is very best for our family, in order for us to be able to learn to be more like He is. And that brings me strength, hope, and lots of joy and happiness to be able to obey these promptings/feelings that we are still receiving.

After leaving the Kirtland Temple area, we drove a little ways to a beautifully kept piece of property. It once was a farm that Joseph & Emma lived on and special moments occurred there. We took a walk up to a spot where Joseph had a Priesthood meeting. The feeling in the woods felt similar to how Paul and I felt in The Sacred Grove 6 years ago. 

These woods made me excited and very hopeful that today we might be able to take our other 3 children to a very sacred spot where Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to a young boy as he prayed to know which church he should choose to join.

God does hear and answer our prayers! 

I look forward to reconnecting with the spirit I felt there, in the Sacred Grove. I hope that my children will feel something beautiful and precious to remember too. ☀️

Driving the rest of the day wasn’t nearly as terrible as it has been the last few weeks. The roads were mainly highways and although many of the roads were rough, they got us safely to our spot for the night. 

I am grateful that our route yesterday passed by Lake Erie. The limited views made me so thankful for how the Oregon Coast Road takes you right up to the shore line. Truly a trip worth taking!!!

While driving his 4 hour leg yesterday, Paul got excited when he saw a bird of prey descend upon its victim. I then asked him to share what other sights he has seen along our 4 week RV-ing  journey. This is what he shared . . . 

What Paul Has Seen While Driving An RV:

  • An Eagle – Montana
  • Bird of Prey swooped down and killed something – New York
  • Loves to take pictures of Bridges
  • Saw a Doe scamper away on the side of the freeway – Ohio
  • Plays the License Plate Game all by himself 
  • Saw several “Dusty Crop Hoppers” – especially one that flew alongside us at eye level – Iowa
  • Saw a cool airport with 3 fighter jets – Minnesota
  • He LOVES seeing where our food grows (corn, and corn, and corn, and more corn, and soy!) 
  • He has seen really, really nice freeways. And endured terrible freeways. 
  • Thousands of semi trucks!!!!! 
  • Was told by a friendly semi truck to get his keys out of the door, as we were passing him at freeway speeds, after having driven with them, in the door, for about 150 miles. 😳😫🤦🏼‍♂️ – New York
  • We barely missed a bridge that was too low for us to pass under 😅 – Champagne, Illinois 
  • Something we never noticed, until we were as tall as a semi truck, is that the  trees are pruned by the semi trucks as they pass by them. Look up and see if you notice. 👆🏻🌳 

What a unique experience he is having!  As well as our family.

We are really getting to know one another on a more finite level. We are also learning to give each other some space, and to make the most of the space we do have. Traveling in a noisy, bumpy, box of a vehicle isn’t easy, but it has brought our family closer together. I hope to cherish this trip and remember it forever!!! 

I hope my punkins do too!

Happy Friday, 


August 7, 2020 at 2:26 pm

Okay first of all that is the cutest RV Vampire EVER! And what awesome shoes!! She is adorable and makes me smile 😊. I’m glad you had a good experience in Kirtland! I agree about the “temple” there. Oh and how kind of the state trooper to warn you guys but no fun at 5:00 am! I also love the list of things Paul has seen!! Amazing! I’m praying you can get into the Sacred Grove!!

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