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RV Trip Day #31 – A Day of Rest!


We got to hold still for more than 24 hours yesterday. And oh how sweet it felt. I had no idea how much I crave holding still. The feeling of “go, go, go,” has never sat well with me. So just being able to play house for the next few days sounds like a welcomed relief to me. 

Yesterday was delicious! We slept until our hearts content (for me that was 10:30 a.m. – central time), we ate really well, we shared laughter, we enjoyed our worship services together (RV Homechurch #5 out of 21 Homechurch meetings together), we went on a much needed walk, and we got into our beds by 9:15 p.m. (central time).

Getting to bed at this time was a huge highlight to me. Our family has really struggled driving through so many time zones, yet never having a time zone to call home. Well, now we are in the time zone we need, so it’s time to make friends with it. 

Last night’s “early” bed time encouraged me that we can tackle this hurdle. We CAN train our bodies to set to eastern time, and we have 3 days to do it in. How awesome is that! 🎉🎉🎉

Another highlight to my day yesterday was watching and listening to my kids reconnect with their Grandmother. Oh how they love one another. My mom really does have a way with her grandchildren. Even when she needed a break, she came back with affection and appreciation for each one of her precious grand-babies. I hope to be more like her in this respect.
One other highlight for me yesterday was receiving a peaceful feeling that “all is well.” It may not look that way from the outside looking in, but things really do feel like “all is well with the Lord.”

Our Homechurch lesson and songs in yesterday’s meeting taught me to “be not ashamed of the Lord,” nor His teachings. I was impressed to reflect on this warning all day.

  • In what ways am “I” ashamed of the Lord? 
  • Do I fear being known as a Christian?
  • Am I ashamed of the teachings He has given to me learn and obey?
  • Am I ashamed of the commandments He has given to me and my family?
  • Am I willing to stand by Him and bear the shame of the world with Him?

As I reflected on this questions, that was when the peaceful feeling came over me.

Isn’t my life a reflection of all these questions? Isn’t the way we are currently living a reflection of being a disciple of Christ? And doesn’t our current plan of action seem a little ridiculous, or even insane to those around us?

For example. . . Yesterday our family dressed in our Sunday attire for the day. We enjoyed a full day in the 39 ft. RV, not going outside except to grab necessities from the RV storage. We didn’t prevent going outside because it was “Sunday.” We stayed inside because it was hot and humid yesterday, so the air conditioning felt lovely. We also had no need to be outside, we were thoroughly happy with what we had inside the RV.

Then dinner time came. It was a nicer temperature outside, so we enjoyed our beef stroganoff over baked potatoes outside at our picnic table. Then we agreed it was time for a walk, before we enjoyed a bowl of ice cream. 
It was during our walk that the stares from others changed from “Who are the new people?” to “Who are those people and why are they dressed that way?” I hadn’t even remembered I was in my Sunday attire. I was comfortable and happy. So why was a feeling of shame being felt?

This is the moment we get to choose how to react!

So we talked about this feeling we were getting. We talked about it while we were walking among the stares and dropped jaws. We talked how we would probably never see these people ever again, but even if we did, shouldn’t they know this about us?

As we talked, we became more calm and centered. We didn’t put on prickly skins, instead we walked with armors of God upon us. Yes! That’s it! If someone was walking down your street in a knight’s armor, wouldn’t you stop and stare? Wouldn’t you question who they work for or why they choose to wear such a thing? 

Well, that was us yesterday. And how we chose to act “in our armor” really did matter, for it represented how we felt about our Boss, or the one who asked us to wear it. 😉

I hope my kiddos, as well as myself, will choose whom we will serve and work to not be ashamed of such things as Sunday attire, or homeschooling, or moving to Virginia without a job or knowledge of what to expect next. 
For in reality, none of us really knows what is next for us. We may have plans or goals that we are working towards, but life is filled with twists and turns and game changers. So what we are doing isn’t wrong, or something to feel ashamed of. It’s just another opportunity to learn to have faith and trust in the Lord and to follow His path for our family.

I hope and pray that each of you, who are reading these words, will allow yourselves to receive the unique blessings Heavenly Father is extending to you right now. No matter how they may look, or how they are given. I pray you will reach out and accept them and then open them and then try them out!!! For this is what is most needed for you right now.

Family Fun Night – Paul Shaved – Musical Beds with Grandma

Us too!

Happy Monday,


  • Allison

    First of all Paul’s shave looks really good!!! I like it!
    Secondly I love that you have been able to spend time with your mom!! Your kids really do love her and I bet they were so happy to get to spend time with her!!
    I also loved what you shared about how you spent your sabbath and the example you were to all the others in that RV park! You guys are amazing and I love you all!! ❤️❤️

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