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RV Trip Ending . . . Days #35 & #36 – Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!😫

The last 2 days have been the hardest, most stressful, heart-panicking, frustrating, confusing travel days we have ever experienced while driving the RV. 

I’m serious!!! Why, you might ask???

Well, have you ever heard (or experienced yourself) that driving through New York, or anywhere back East, is insane!! Well, take that truth and TIMES it by 3 because that is EXACTLY what we HAD to do, against our will, over the last 2 days. 

Why times 3? 

Well, because NO ONE back East seems to use RV’s, so the roads, and bridges, and tunnels aren’t constructed to hold, or easily maneuver, an RV through them. And Google Maps only calculates for cars to drive upon these roads. . . which we are not!

So . . . we had to learn the HARD way how to get from Connecticut to Virginia. 😳🥺😢😭😬😠🥴😴

These 👆🏻emojis describe exactly how the last 2 days impacted me. Ugh! 
Once we finally arrived in Virginia, with no bridges or tolls left to be researched or avoided, I said chao to Paul and laid down on the RV couch for a much needed nap. 

I slept hard! But then I was woken up by a crazy rain storm. Instead of jumping up front, to sit by Paul, I chose to stay calmly laying on the couch and focused on other things . . . like how to better explain what the last 2 days were like for our 39 foot, Class A, 2 axle, 6 wheeled, 14 ton, 12’ 4” tall RV from Utah, driving through the historical (although very tight/small) tree-lined streets & confusing freeways of: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. 

First of all, when traveling in an RV back East, it is WISE to know all the facts about your RV before you drive on any roads here, because you might not fit under a random bridge, you may be too heavy to actually drive on a bridge, you may even be to large to turn on the tight streets, or you may have to pay a fortune at a toll booth if you don’t know what type of vehicle you really are . . . because they can’t tell you either, so they just guess.


Also, do yourself a favor and order an “RV E-ZPass” well before your trip, since a regular passenger car E-ZPass doesn’t work for RVs; as to avoid the stress and worry and crazy driving that comes from last minute shock at the price of tolls, plus the realization that tons of bills will arrive at the home of the RV owner for tolls they did not incur. 😱

Other than the constant tolls and the HUGENESS of our RV on their roads, I think the nightmare of choosing which roads to safely drive on took the cake!!! I have never been so concerned while driving, and that says a lot for me! I lived in Costa Rica for heavens sake and this experience was worse than any experience I had living there!!!!! 

Honestly! Trying to figure out which bridge or road our RV could take was exhausting. Thankfully we finally figured out that if we followed the semi-trucks, we would for sure fit too! So we finally did.

This “decision making process” still took Paul and I to a communication difficulty level of 9, but we got through it and I am now ready for a good night’s sleep (and it’s only 10:25 p.m.). 

I must say, a lot of the reason I feel so good tonight, and able to want to go to sleep, is due to Paul’s amazingly generous and highly enjoyable, cousins who already moved to Virginia last year and have warmly welcomed us with open and loving arms tonight. 

We couldn’t have asked for better people to  help us begin this new journey we are on. They provided us with everything we could think of tonight, and insisted on giving us even more! ☺️ So we changed our plans for this weekend, and we’ll see what happens from here. 

Bottom line is . . . We made it Heavenly Father. We did as Thou prompted us to do and we thank Thee for all of the help Thou has provided us all along the way! We are tired but we are also here, and we look forward to seeing what we can do to help Thee, now that we are in Virginia. 

We don’t know where Thou would have us live, nor what we should do with our things from Costa Rica, we don’t know when Paul should return my brother’s RV, nor do we know what Paul should do to provide for our family . . . But the peace and reassurance I am feeling right now, is enough to help me go to sleep and patiently wait to see what will come tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. . . 

I love Thee Heavenly Father. I thank Thee for this blog. It has helped me to focus on what is most important in a person’s life . . . and that is to purposely see Thy hand in all things! We love Thee! 

And we love all you who are reading this and following along our journey. We feel your prayers and we truly appreciate you sharing your faith with us. You have been a huge part of the many blessings we receive from God each day!  Thank you! 

Well, we made it guys!!!

We are in VIRGINIA!

Good night & Happy Thursday, 


  • Allison

    Wendi!!!! This made me so sad 😭 I’m sorry it’s been a nightmare getting down there! We drove a lot of those roads 3 years ago and I hated the tolls and the stress of did we need to stop or not and ask the added expense! I can’t imagine adding in the stress of if you are too tall or too heavy!! Wow! But you made it! And you have family taking care of you!! This makes me so happy!!! Hang in there! You can do this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mark W

    Holy cow, you did it!!! I just got caught up on what I’ve missed over the last couple weeks and your stories are inspiring. I am so proud of your family and the amazing experience this has been for you. We will sure miss having you close, though we’ll take Virginia over Costa Rica any day! It’s at least driveable. 😀

    We love you and know Heavenly Father is blessing you daily. Paul will find a solid job and you will be taken care of. I know He lives and He will guide you exactly where he needs you. We ordered Panda Express a couple nights ago and this was my fortune: “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be”.

    We pray for you and love you so very much. We look forward to hearing about your ‘next’ adventure(s)!

    Love you!

    • wendi

      Thank you Mark. Your words came right when we needed them most. You even inspired me to blog tonight, even though I was so tired and would have rather gone to bed. You helped me realize that “this too shall pass” and although a hearty sleep is nice, these memories won’t last unless I help them too. So thank you! We appreciate you cheering us on. We all love you so much! Wendi and family

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