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A New Beginning: Days #1 – #4 = Finding a Place to Sleep!

Oh, hello everyone! Sorry to keep you waiting. It really wasn’t intentional. I just didn’t really know how to put into words all that was happening to us this last weekend. Please forgive the unintentional delay. 

In a nutshell, we had the opportunity to practice: patience, long-suffering, virtuous thinking, gratitude, hope, faith in Christ, forgiveness, diligence, and repentance. 

But doesn’t that sound much like everyone’s lives these days? 

Hence the reason I haven’t felt a desire to blog much. But then a dear friend of mine mentioned to me today that many of you are concerned for our welfare, and would just like to know that we are safe, and sound, and feeling your love and prayers each and every day. Because we are, despite the craziness of our situation. 💕

So here I am, or, here we are, reaching back out to you and sending back to you our love, appreciation, and gratitude to have you along with us on this journey. 


  • No house to buy, or to rent, as of yet. We have driven many hours, looking at several places each day we have been here, but none of them have felt like “the one.” The houses are few, the competition is stiff, but our hopes have been charged daily by grace. 
  • In the meantime, we have been lovingly watched over by Paul’s amazing cousins N&C. They have fed us repeatedly, watched our children (more like let our children run amuck in their home, while it rained terribly outside), let us park in front of their home for 4 nights in a row, lent us one of their cars to use until we get back on our feet, taken us to look for houses near them, hosted my kids to join in on their Zoom Stake Youth Conference, made us laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more🤣, given us INCREDIBLE advice and resourceful information to help make living in Virginia a bit easier, found us a place to take our RV for free and stay until we find a place of our own, and they are doing all they can to help make us feel that we belong here from day 1! We truly have been welcomed by the GREATEST welcoming committee in this world!!! Thank you N&C, + kiddos. 😘
  • Saturday night, Paul and I got to go on a rare date . . . to a dump station. Yes, a dump station. It wasn’t as bad as it may sound. The night was warm, the rain had stopped for a while, and we had all the quiet we wanted. Plus, it was only a short distance away and only $15. Not bad for a dump station in non-RV land! Hey, don’t judge. A date is a date!!!
  • No sicknesses. With all the contact we have had with people, we are happy to report that we are feeling great. We did get a little cold last week, but we think it was due to us changing climates, more than anything else. We all felt better after a day or two. 
  • No job offerings yet. Strange. I actually feel that this is a tremendous blessing in disguise that we aren’t as concerned about a job, as we are about finding a place to dwell. Seriously. What is it about finding “where you belong?” Most would assume it should be based on where you work. Not us. We are feeling the push to find a place to sleep first. In this push, we have driven to the far out spaces (not many folks around, run down towns near by), to tight suburban streets, to town house communities, to really wet/flooded properties, to farm land, to in-between.
  • Great talk with our missionary today! We were parked at a Costco, eating lunch, when he called. Because we weren’t out on the road, and stabilized, we were able to enjoy the full allotment of chatting time with him. It was a tender mercy for us all to be there for him. As well as seeing a gorgeous Kayleigh sky on a drive today, after 3 days of soaking rains. ☀️ 
  • RV life is still a blessing! Although the RV can act like another member of our family and demand attention and care, it really has pulled its fair share of the weight. It has been a champ to endure torrential rains the last 3 days, as well as the battle between setting up camp and driving. Today we gave the RV some deeper than usual TLC. We hope it will help us all in the long run. 
  • Another blessing today was Paul finding 2 of the last 3 license plates he needed to finish his USA License plate game!!! Only Hawaii is left! 

Tonight we now find ourselves at the home of some newly referred friends. The “B family” is an instant win for our family to have. They welcomed us with open arms and even promised us a day of exciting farm life tomorrow, complete with horse back riding, holding more newborn bunnies, fishing in their pond, and so much more! There just isn’t room enough to receive it! 

So although we are “homeless”, we are being cared for by those who were once strangers. Isn’t that the Lord’s way? To welcome the wanderers, the friendless, the unwanted? I’m very thankful that He lends us His rock to build upon, especially when the storms of life don’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

Only time will tell what we do get to choose for a place to sleep, and a way for Paul to provide for our family. Until then, we are sleeping snuggly on a farm of one of Christ’s friends. We truly couldn’t ask for any more.

God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son! 

Happy Monday, 

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  • Allison

    Oh my goodness… the baby bunnies just melted my heart! 😍 I bet Curly Cook was in heaven!!! I am grateful you all are being well cared for! It’s amazing to me how many friends you have all across this country!! I’ll continue to pray that you will be led to the right place to live and that when the time is right Paul will find a job!! Love to you all!!! ❤️❤️

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