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A New Beginning: Day #20 – Duty Bound

Today started out painful, literally, and ended sweet. I think I pinched a nerve and it has run down the middle of my back, down the lower region of my back, and all the way to my left toes. Ouch!!!

But what was more painful, was having to make a “Mommy call” today. You know these calls, like the calls needed during a difficult game, where the coach needs to decide which players to play and which calls to use, in order to have a chance at winning the game.

I too had one of those moments today. . . and I feeling thankful tonight because I feel that I made the right call.

The kids are actually really struggling to get the hang of homeschooling “full time” while living in an RV. I can’t say that I blame them; I am too!

We have been battling over: storage space, the need for quiet, privacy, lack of table space, heat, humidity, noise, and just plain old . . . “I don’t feel like homeschooling today” moments. But, I am feeling driven to get our homeschool up and running.

Although we have had to make our own interruptions (by driving to see houses or possible areas to live in), that’s my call. Those days are mine to use and allow. So when the kids complain, and I’m tempted to give in, I’m so thankful for the push I keep getting to keep going, to keep trying to start this homeschool up and get it humming once again, like a lawnmower at the beginning of Spring.

And I must say, that after I made a tough call today to cancel some hopeful plans this evening that would most likely steal away tomorrow too, things did improve! The kids actually focused and even opened up their Literature and Math work for the first time this year.

I even saw smiles and felt the love of learning flow through this tiny home of ours!

It was a beautiful moment for me today. So beautiful that when Joy Boy suggested we quickly run over to the library we drove past yesterday, I jumped on it. We only had 30 minutes to browse the book selections, but they were well loved minutes!

Then we came home and enjoyed a delicious grilled pork dinner, made by Paul himself. Yum! We then ended our night with Joy Boy first leading our family in the Come Follow Me discussion for tonight, and then I read to the kids for an hour from a book about our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson.

As I read, an invigorating spirit filled the RV. The kids were captivated as they listened to not just one story from this book, but 6. They just couldn’t get enough. I finally saw the time and shut the book for the night, amid please to not stop reading just yet. ☺️. I smiled as I marveled how the story of a prophet could inspire and enliven our souls so easily. But why should I be so surprised?

“Through the centuries, prophets have fulfilled their duty when they have warned people of the dangers before them. The Lord’s Apostles are duty bound to watch, warn, and reach out to help those seeking answers to life’s questions”

President M. Russell Ballard

I have actually been ponderizing this message today and I have been wondering if we (I) am following our living prophet? I have tried to re-listen to his conference talks lately, but I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. . . until tonight.

After listening to his story, it helped me realize that life is just hard. That’s all. What we are going through isn’t personal, it also isn’t private. It’s real to all those involved, because it is literally shaping our destinies. We are becoming who we can become because of the trials in our lives.

Another prophet once said, “If a stormy cloud sweep over the horizon … ; if the cup of bitter suffering be offered, and you compelled to partake; Satan let loose to go among you, with all his seductive powers of deceivings and cunning craftiness; the strong relentless arm of persecution lifted against you;—then, in that hour, lift up your heads and rejoice that you are accounted worthy to suffer thus with Jesus, the Saints, and holy prophets; and know that the period of your redemption has approached.”

President Lorenzo Snow

Paul and I have discussed this very quote so many times over the last 6 years. Why, oh why do we keep falling into the trap that life isn’t supposed to be bitter? Chocolate isn’t truly chocolate unless it is bitter too. So life must be also.

So when I have those “Mommy Moments,” where I must change all the commotion into order and it might disappoint those involved, I am so thankful that having an eternal perspective blesses me to pursue that bitter course.

For pleasing my Maker is the greatest joy I can attain in this life, as well as into the next. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son.

Happy Wednesday,

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  • Allison

    I’m SO sorry your back is hurting! That is no fun! I hope you can get some help for it!! I also love President Nelson’s book! I love that you are reading it to your kids! Great idea!!

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