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A New Beginning: Day #40 – Autumn has arrived! – Whitti Wendi
Relocating to Virginia,  Wendi's Daily Blog

A New Beginning: Day #40 – Autumn has arrived!


It was COLD 🥶 yesterday!

It was so cold I realized that we have officially lived in the United States longer than any visit we have made over the past 5 1/2 years. But never, not once, did we as a family visit the USA during its colder months. 🥶🥶🥶🥶

Being “back in the United States” has almost become a mute point, since trying to figure out how we are actually going to live here has become our highest priority.

But yesterday’s weather shook us all – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

It was cold!!! So cold, it even looked like it would be a cold day, for as I woke up in the morning I noticed a clear, blue sky that made the leaves overhead look crisp and timeless.

Then I saw this picturesque scene from the bathroom window and a familiar feeling came over me. What did this morning remind me of, almost from a past life? Oh yeah. . . AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED in Virginia! Oh how it brought joy into my heart, Autumn is actually my favorite season. I missed it so much in Costa Rica, but I had no idea what this weather could feel like to a bunch of people who have been living in the tropics for the last 5 1/2 years. 🥶

Each morning, 👆🏻 this one braves the early morning temperatures by leaving the warmth of our RV, to sit in a fridged minivan, in order to take her early morning seminary class in peace and quiet. She tried using a wool blanket yesterday to protect her from the biting chill of the morning air, but that couldn’t prevent the ice crystals from seeping into her tender skin and then deep into her bones. Ouch!

Oh how our bodies need to acclimate to the climate here. I don’t think I have seen my hands and feet any skinnier. The heat just escapes them. Thankfully we have found that if we wear shoes while in the RV, the insolation of the shoes will help stop the cold air from under the RV, cling to the bottoms of our sock covered feet. 🦶🦶 🧦

But jackets, coats, and sweaters? They have become a must. . . and yet we each only have one sweater to use for now, because the rest of our clothing is in our shipment that is in storage.

But that’s okay! We can figure things out one day at a time. Yes, laundry has to be done more often, but we do have pretty much what we need for now. And if we need to buy coats and gloves and some sweaters, then we will. That’s just life!

Can you see the leaves we painted behind our technology counter?

Last night was Family Activity Night. We each take turns planning it. Yesterday was GingerSnap’s turn. She decided to teach us one of her gifts and talents – water coloring with Super Tips Markers and water pens.

GingerSnap did a fabulous job teaching us how her mediums worked, but then allowed us to figure out our own technique to watercolor autumn leaves.

The littles had so much fun they kept painting while I read from our family’s read-out-loud book “Insights.

Although the temperatures felt low yesterday, for some reason the heater never turned on. Well, today’s temperatures are forecasted to be even lower, so Paul has the heater already pumping in the heat.

Although this may be a tough way to acclimate to the colder months we haven’t known since January 2015, I don’t doubt that this is a wise way to go about it. For each morning, the littles race out the RV door to help the property owners feed their animals. The littles love to help! They look forward to this privilege each day. Does the weather bother them? No, they are kids.

But for the rest of us, I think we need this “in your face” encounter with the earth’s cold side. I think being in the countryside, covered by the woods and surrounded in nature, is allowing our bodies to reset, remember, and not resist what needs to happen . . . Change!

Yesterday’s General Conference talked , also chosen by GingerSnap, talked about this idea of change too. . .

“I am not unmindful that there are good and devout people among all sects, parties, and denominations, and they will be blessed and rewarded for all the good they do. But the fact remains that we alone have the fullness of those laws and ordinances which prepare men for the fullness of reward in the mansions above. And so we say to the good and noble, the upright and devout people everywhere: Keep all the good you have; cleave unto every true principle which is now yours; but come and partake of the further light and knowledge which that God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever is again pouring out upon his people.”

President Joseph Fielding Smith, April 1971, “A Witness and a Blessing”

I will do just that!!! I’ll keep all the good I gleaned in Costa Rica, but I will openly heartedly choose to embrace the further light and knowledge that this new experience is affording our family.

Only time will tell the reasons for our travels to take us on this journey, but until that knowledge is known, I hope to be able to receive the blessing that President Smith shared in 1971, when he prayed. . .

“. . . let thy preserving care be with all those who seek thy face and who walk before thee in the integrity of their souls, that they may be lights to the world, instruments in thy hands to bring to pass thy purposes on earth.

And may thy Spirit be with us now and forever, I pray, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Happy Tuesday,

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  • Allison

    That is pretty cold for September!! I’m glad you’ve figured out how to adapt! I love the watercolor leaves!! You all are so talented!

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