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A New Beginning: Day #50 – An Invitation . . .

Tonight I’m thankful that I belong to a church that helps parents learn how to teach a child’s heart to seek to know God for themselves. Our family has been learning from this article for the past week. This has been my favorite message from it thus far . . .

Teach Children to Pray from the Heart

Prayer is more than just words—it’s a conversation from the heart with our caring Heavenly Father. When we help our children see prayer this way, they may be less inclined to say repetitious prayers and more inclined to really think about what they want to say to Him. Naturally, their prayers will be more meaningful when they view prayer as the gift that it is.

I also love this quote from my Mother’s University course. . .

“It is the business of the heart for a long time before it is the business of the mind.”


I also love that . . .

“ [our] Church is anchored in the perfect life of its chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ, and in His infinite Atonement and literal Resurrection. Jesus Christ has once again called Apostles and has given them priesthood authority. He invites all of us to come unto Him and His Church, to receive the Holy Ghost, the ordinances of salvation, and to gain enduring joy.”

Restoration Proclamation

If you would like to learn more, we have a wonderful invitation to offer to you this very weekend! We are having our bi-annual General Conference where you are able to hear for yourself if there are any truths you would like to add to your already wonderful life. I’d love for you to join us. My family will also be watching!

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison

    I live the quote about teaching our kids to pray from the heart! Thank you for sharing! We had a discussion about prayer earlier this week and I am going to use this as a follow up! ❤️

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