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A New Beginning: Day #53 – A Desire to “Let God Prevail”

Last weekend was a spiritual feast that just smoothly sailed along. It was our church’s 190th Semi-annual General Conference. I am actually amazed that sitting in an RV and watching “tv” for over 10 hours didn’t cause more of an upheaval. But it didn’t. Our family found a rhythm and was able to stick with it to the end.

A fun family walk after Sunday’s last Conference session, plus fun pictures of us watching Conference this weekend.

I did myself a favor and chose to just listen to each talk, like they were simply having a conversation with me, instead of taking meticulous notes. I did take down a few notes here and there, but I only did so when I felt I needed to (maybe to stay awake, or maybe because I needed to write down my first impressions from that talk?). Either way, I chose to stay relaxed and take this conference one step at a time . . . and I’m grateful I did.

Mainly because I was hoping for some “good news!” You know, the kind of news that might easily explain why our family was sent to Virginia and why we are as displaced as we currently are? I think I was hoping for some kind of impression or news announcement that would easily bring us some progressive moving answers as to what we should be doing next to help our temporal situation.

But looking back on the weekend, we actually DID receive the answers we need right now, just maybe not the ones we were easily hoping for. I wish I could share with you each and every impression that I received, but I can’t. That would be wrong, and also very inappropriate.

But what I can share with you is that I did hear, and feel, that our family being in Virginia is NOT a mistake. I heard that my family is being given a precious gift of TIME. Time to bond, time to reassess what is MOST important in a person’s life, and time to let go of what is not necessary anymore.

I had fun taking a tour of the Littles’ new fort they have been making with their friends. I was delighted to see how comfy, cozy Curly Cook is trying to make their home.

I also felt an urgency to not only make our homes a place of safety and refuge, but to KEEP THEM THAT WAY, no matter what!!!! I also heard so many, many reminders of what to expect in the coming days . . . but to “Be of GOOD CHEER!” when facing them. And lastly, I heard that if I will stay on the Lord’s side and live as righteously as I can, He WILL fight my battles for me. (I need to learn more about what this truly means . . . )

And, as what seems to happen after Conference, I am experiencing the Conference lull. I usually get frustrated when this happens, but instead, I am diligently working to see this lull as a tremendous blessing. It is a time for me to let sink in what I initially heard, felt, saw, and desire. Then, after time for pondering has past, I trust I will be inspired and directed, one step at a time, to ways I can change and grow, develop and lead, and ultimately be ready for whatever trials and tribulations lay ahead (for that was definitely a message I heard again and again. Did any of you?)

With that in mind, I would LOVE to invite you to watch the sweet video that cheered my heart and lifted the weight of burdens I am carrying from my mind. I can’t seem to find an embedding video for it, but you can watch it below . . . just go to minute 42:00. Or you can click (here) and it will open up a new window and show it to you there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I’m thankful that I belong to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Covenant Israel” that teaches me the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for a living Prophet, who guides and directs the children of God, not only by voice, but through a profound example. And I am most grateful for so many miraculous blessings that make it possible for me and my family to hear and heed the counsel we are given, especially during turbulent times such as these.

This is a cute meme I found for a friend of mine that is serving her mission in Taiwan. I hope she enjoys it.

I hope you are allowing yourselves to be blessed to find the peace you are looking for. I am thankful to have found mine!

Still one of my most favorite songs!!

Happy Monday,


  • Allison

    I too loved conference! And yes SO many talks about trials and hardships but the message was always the same…the Savior is there with us every step of the way!!
    Okay what a fun fort!! 😍

  • Allison

    I too loved conference! And yes SO many talks about trials and hardships but the message was always the same…the Savior is there with us every step of the way!!
    Okay what a fun fort!! 😍

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