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A New Beginning: Day #55 – I’m grateful for being included!

Last night, immense joy washed over me several times as I watched my children enjoy their individual youth activities. Each kiddo had somewhere to be, a place to belong, and a welcoming group to include them.

A mother couldn’t be happier!

As the kiddos lay in their beds that night, awaiting sleep to beckon them to let go of their day, I delighted in hearing their little sounds of glee that they had had a good experience that evening and they were wanting to relish their moments one last time before sleep whisked them away. 💕

Being in our situation could be much tougher. We had several challenging experiences while living in Costa Rica. The members of our church there struggled to know where we belonged in their congregations. But the ward we are currently in has welcomed us with open arms, even after knowing we might only be temporarily a part of their ward.

My heart even skipped a happy beat when I saw yesterday that my name was already included in their women’s organization’s monthly newsletter for upcoming birthdays. How cool is that!!!

“But now I go unto the Father, and also to show myself unto the lost tribes of Israel, for they are not lost unto the Father, for he knoweth whither he hath taken them.”

3 Nephi 17:4

This scripture comforts me greatly! I ADORE that Heavenly Father knows where the lost tribes are, even if we don’t! And I relish the fact that HE also KNOWS where we are . . . especially if we don’t!

This area we are in is trying to speak to us, trying to comfort us! It calls to me, “You’re not as lost as you fear you are. You’re seen by us and we are God’s. Be of good cheer. You will be found soon. So enjoy this time while you can.” 💕

I feel it a great privilege to be living here right now. Although life is filled with some heavy uncertainty, I do feel peace each day as I choose to do my best to keep the commandments I have been uniquely given. I trust that we soon will know what we next need to do. Until then, I will soak in these tender moments we are so richly blessed to be having as a family.

Happy Wednesday,

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