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A New Beginning: Day #57 – Early Runaway Birthday Party for Me!

Yep, that’s right! It’s only the first full week of October and I already had my family celebrate my birthday. Is that selfish? Or wise? You can decide. But for me, it was wise!

You see, the weather around the world has been CRAZY this year and I have really wanted to go and visit a particular site in Virginia, but the weather had to be just right in order to do it.

Late Wednesday night, Paul and I were up talking and the weather for the weekend got brought up. We also talked about needing to go to Costco and Sam’s and how Paul had a possible appointment in Virginia Beach.

So we decided to make a family day of it and surprised the kids yesterday morning that there would be no paper work that day because we were going to celebrate Mom’s Birthday!! 🥳

The kids were so excited, they happily got their chores completed and we were off to our special site by 10:30 am.

We drove straight to the site and didn’t experience a bit of negative weather . . . except for colder than expected wind. The drive was divine! We all enjoyed our family’s new read-out-loud book “Roles” until it was time to get out of the car and have a picnic lunch at Virginia’s Eastern Shore Welcome Area.

We are quite familiar with rest areas and found this one to be very helpful, clean, and worth the stop! 👍🏻 After we enjoyed our picnic in the frigid wind, we hopped back into the car to take a closer look at the site we were visiting. . .

Yep! We got to drive on this bridge and did it without any issues. You might wonder why all the concern and planning? Well, this bridge can be quite dangerous in the wrong weather, so taking a chance on a free schedule, and a clear day, was one we had to take!

I will say that although driving through the tunnel wasn’t the most enjoyable (you can feel the change in temperature and the pressure on your ears), driving under water while a cargo ship was moving over us was quite a thrill!

After our fun, and a bit less-expensive drive due to an ez-pass (highly recommend you get one while traveling anywhere back East!), we drove to Virginia Beach’s boardwalk.

Immediately Curly Cook had her eye on trying to ride “one of those paddle bikes!” Because it was my birthday, we splurged and rented one for an hour. We were all exhausted after the first 10 minutes, but we pushed through and ended up thoroughly enjoying our time with the bike rental.

On our peddling travels along the boardwalk, we came upon a memorial for those who work with air craft carriers and the various planes that have been used on them. Paul LOVES the movie “Top Gun” and found it a real treat to see a memorial about them. 💕

After a quick snack at the boardwalk Dairy Queen (they make a yummy pumpkin pie blizzard! 🎃) we had only 15 minutes to get the bike back on time. We made it faster than we expected and everyone had a turn to be the driver. It was money well spent!

But our fun at Virginia Beach wasn’t yet over. After a quick taste of a funnel cake, topped with powdered sugar, we set off to enjoy the white sand beach. The littles played on a sand dune, while the rest of us sat on our beach/shower towels in the shade and talked. It was a lovely 90 minutes. . .

All except for the thundering sounds of aircrafts training overhead. At first it was thrilling to watch the various helicopters and aircrafts flying by. But then the thunderous sounds got to be a bit overwhelming to the senses, for they were so loud we could yell at each other as they passed, yet the people around us didn’t seem to hear our yelling. 📣

But the noise wasn’t all together a bad experience, for it did help the littles willingly leave the beach and have a happy attitude of looking forward to coming back to Virginia Beach one day, so we can see the sunrise . . . for we have only seen the sun set on the Pacific side of a Costa Rican beach, and the sun won’t set on the ocean in Virginia. So we must come back again one day and see the sun rise from the ocean! How cool will that be?!? ☀️

It was now errand time! We shopped to our heart’s content at Costco and Sam’s Club, since neither are close to where we are currently staying. And with storage limited in the RV, there is truly only so much we can purchase for our family’s needs at stores such as these. But we did get a good start on setting up a new food storage. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Don’t get me started on that topic please. I trust all things are working together for our good! 💕💕💕💕

After our shopping was finished, including the purchasing of coats for Joy Boy and Curly Cook, their firsts in over 5 years!!!!! . . . we finally grabbed that roast beef sandwich from a few weeks ago, complete with plenty of Arby’s sauce and a side Caesar salad from Costco. Yum! 😋

The drive home was lovely. We discussed a section from this week’s Come Follow Me lesson and then the kids settled down, enough for the littles to actually fall asleep. It was a GOOD DAY, when my kiddos fall asleep driving home from someplace. 😁

6 Now, there had been no bread, neither wine, brought by the disciples, neither by the multitude;

7 But he truly gave unto them bread to eat, and also wine to drink.

3 Nephi 20: 6-7

I honestly didn’t know how today would ultimately turn out. I was actually a bit hesitatant spending our day in unfamiliar places . . . but we did it and it turned out the way we needed it to. When the ocean was too cold to swim in, other opportunities (like renting a “paddle bike” and playing in non-sticky sand) were presented to us. But it was up to us to take advantage of them!

This is what I LOVE MOST about living the gospel. It always comes down to us using our agency and choosing what the best opinion for us would be . . . and sometimes, or a lot of times, it’s denying ourselves opportunities that we think we deserve to have or expect for ourselves. Sometimes it’s trusting in someone more powerful than you to lead you, guide you, and walk beside you, and present other options you might not have ever considered to take. 💕

Today was an EXCELLENT birthday party for me! I couldn’t have had a better day . . . well, except for being able to afford and enjoy eating seafood as a family. 😉 That’s okay. At least now I know where to find it! 👍🏻

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison Owen

    This makes me so happy! I love that you celebrated yourself and let them celebrate you early! And what a fun adventure! We saw a bridge like that in Hong Kong but it wasn’t open yet! It went from Hong Kong to Macau, right under the ocean! So cool you got to experience that!

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