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A New Beginning: Day #61 – Living in a New Paradise!

Well, it’s been exactly 3 months since we started our RV journey. We would have never guessed we would still be living in the RV we borrowed from my brother back in July, that we were planning to only use for our “quick trip” across the USA in 30 days!

We had a deadline to meet, and boy did we meet it!

Now that I have a moment to look back on how we came to be here, I am allowing myself to see how the Lord actually prepared our minds to be open to these change of events!

  • First, we had a homeschool convention I felt we needed to attend, and it happened to be held in Virginia, at Virginia Beach.
  • Second, we felt that if we were flying to Virginia, we might as well visit the sites near where the convention was being held. So we planned to visit Williamsburg and Jamestown.
  • Third, we did even more research and saw that a school our children are interested in was worthy of a drive to visit it. It was also “relatively” near Monticello, so we planned to visit it too!
  • Fourth, we felt we should take the scenic route during our drives to see these places, so we could get a better idea of what Virginia’s terrains and communities are like. Interesting?!?
  • Fifth, we felt Paul HAD to come with us, or we shouldn’t go to the convention at all!
  • Sixth, once the feeling for Paul and I to move our family from Costa Rica came, each of us in our family felt drawn to move to Virginia, and even live there, sight unseen!!
  • Paul and I also felt drawn to look at living away from major cities. He had his feelings of where to look for housing, and I had mine. I felt we needed to look south-central Virginia.

Then we arrived in Virginia and everything we had planned and prepared for (at least we thought) started to dissolve. Now looking back, I can see the wisdom in much of what has happened. . .

  • Living full time in the RV has not only helped preserve our savings account, but it has helped us with unforeseen expenses from not being able to receive our shipment and instead keep it in storage.
  • Being transient has allowed us the opportunity to roam around Virginia state and get a feel of the many different communities and terrains, especially the weather here.
  • Because of my desire to find housing in south-central Virginia, we drove the RV there, just as the hottest days rolled into Virginia AND the air conditioner had issues working. Our trip to South Hill was magical! It gave the kids a chance to swim . . . Something they longed to do but wasn’t allowed due to Covid. But South Hill allowed it and it has been a cherished memory ever since! It also was a major respite from the humid heat we were experiencing for the first time in the South! 😅
  • Our fun family vacation plan actually turned into the location where we are currently living. Although we haven’t felt it is time to visit the historic sites, we feel a warm welcome by the Williamsburg community. What a precious gift to receive!
  • Living in the country has been the respite we have ALL needed to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually process the extensive changes our family has been through this year. It has provided us the privacy we had become accustomed to, as well as the privilege to let homeschooling be a comfort and a taste of normalcy, without the outside pressures or negative judgements looming in. 💕
  • Being a part of a ward that isn’t fully up and functioning, due to COVID, has allowed our family ample time to transition from attending church outside the USA, to how things are more efficiently run within it. There are ups and downs to both ways.
  • The pandemic has also allowed us to cement long distance relationships, instead of having them threatened by our family needing to meet new neighbors, new church members, new job assignments/co-workers, new church assignments.
  • This RV reprieve has also allowed us a bit of financial aide to purchase the beginnings of our food storage; something that had to be sacrificed when we moved from Utah and again from Costa Rica. 💕

I am also incredibly thankful for the beauty we are surrounded in! The countryside’s beauty reminds me that God is generous and loving, for every place we have lived, we have experienced extremely beautiful sites, sounds, and healing from what is freely given by God.

Today’s walk didn’t disappoint. The leaves are changing, despite the rainy weather. The soy is changing from a bright green to a deep yellow. The corn has been harvested and the fields lay cut at the stalk. It is a maze of wonder to behold how each row is so perfectly planted and left to grow.

And because we live in such tight quarters in the RV, I am actually craving being outside and I enjoy it so MUCH more than I ever have, while living in a house. I actually prayed that I would learn to enjoy the outdoors when we left Costa Rica. Oh how living in the RV has helped me to give this appreciation and participation in nature a try!!

As I was listening to my class, on my walk yesterday, my eyes were inspired to notice a bird’s nest tucked in some unpruned bushes. What joy I discovered!

I have also been blessed to have more time to enjoy my Mother’s University classes. I haven’t had time to dive into them, until now. This month’s nature theme is a beautiful class!! I adore it!!! It’s been helping me learn to see the abundance that is all around us and is completely free and reminds us of who we are . . . a creation of a Living God. 🌾

My oldest son looks like he is learning to enjoy nature too! I’m hoping he can see the beauty of nature here too. I am also hoping that we will have an appropriate place for him to come to in 9 weeks. I’m hoping things will figure themselves out, as I choose not to panic, stress, complain, murmur, or doubt. I will choose to let the hand of the Lord be shown as miracles abound, prayers are answered, and hopes are met.

“Now, there had been no bread, neither wine, brought by the disciples, neither by the multitude;
But he truly gave unto them bread to eat, and also wine to drink.” 3 Nephi 20:6-7

Won’t you join me on this journey? Won’t you too stop and see the beauty that is freely all around you? Won’t you too look for the hand of the Lord in your life today? I hope you will!

Happy Monday!

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  • Allison Owen

    The yellow fields remind me of the canola fields in Canada! I love them!!! So pretty! You are living in a beautiful place! I LOVE the pics of your darling missionary! He looks so happy! And, I love the picture of the Savior and the miracle of the sacrament from 3rd Nephi! I’m glad you are getting out and enjoying nature! Love to you all!

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