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A New Beginning: Day #67 – A Cleaning Weekend 🧹

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Good Morning! It is the start of a new week. It is also the start of week #10 for us living in Virginia. Ironically, our son El Gringo, shared with us last week that he was on his 10 week count down before he completes his 2 year mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are just passing each other on the calendars of life. He is counting down and we are counting up. What a momentous moment!

We had a lovely weekend. Friday night our family was invited to a neighborhood fall social. It has been held for over 50 years and the neighbors made sure that we felt included with 3 separate invitations. Thanks Kaye and Baxter!

Saturday morning afforded us some much needed extra sleep. We each slept past 10 am. I really do think the rainy weather taxes us on levels we don’t yet understand. So while Paul and I slowly woke up, we enjoyed the giggles of the Littles playing with every blanket and sheet the kids each had, and put them together in a “fort.”

The fort proved to be more than they could handle inside, since it nearly suffocated them of having any air to breath. So they found other ways to have fun . . . like lying on the floor, as well as the bed at the same time?? Silly siblings!

Even though I planned to leave the blog alone all weekend, Paul and I ended up making some big changes to it. I guess my comments that I “wasn’t loving the way the blog looked on a computer screen, verses on a phone” led us to make some improvements. We haven’t finished yet but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the bones of what we have created.

As our morning ticked away into the afternoon, the kids informed me that they found “spots” near the windows on the dashboard. That meant only one thing . . . MOLD! Argh! I distain mold! I loathed it in Costa Rica and I loath it in Virginia just as much.

Thankfully Paul purchased a dehumidifier Thursday night and it arrived Friday afternoon (got to love Amazon!). Leaving the dehumidifer on for a full day, allowed the condensation to dry, which exposed the mold spores. So I was blessed with good enough weather to spend Saturday afternoon/evening killing mold with hydrogen peroxide/water spray (first letting the spray sit for over an hour) and then washing the mold away with baking soda/water. Then we had to clean and dry each window and surface to make sure no more condensation would allow the mold to grow. Needless to say I was pretty exhausted by the time we got to bed last night.

Sunday dawned bright and cheerful! The sky welcomed us with baby blues and the crisping of autumn leaves. It smelled fresh and inviting as we left the RV for our 2nd week of public gathering for our church meeting. Our family is extremely blessed to belong to a church that has been fully prepared to led, guide, and provide for its members during this pandemic.

Joy Boy is the most happy for the return of a special privilege he has, through the Priesthood of God, to pass the sacrament to our congregation. I’m thankful to be able to understand the words spoken in the meeting. I have missed having a connection with the speakers in a meeting, but I still cherish my 5+ years of going to church “privately” and using that time to come closer to the Lord with only the help of the Holy Ghost to speak to me.

After church, I pulled my cute, new muckers on to walk from the car to the RV. Boy, oh boy did last week’s storms create a muddy mess. Now that the mud has dried, our poor RV is a trap for the sandy soil that has now come to the surface of the dirt and is attracted to the steps of the RV. I hope we can find a better solution to deal with the humidity, dirt, and rain while living full time in an RV.

After our public meeting, Paul set up the grill outside and made us a FANTASTIC lunch (from Our Best Bites). It was almost as yummy as his famous Chicken Piccata. We were delightfully satisfied, but a bit too satisfied that we struggled to start our second group meeting (click here) from our church over zoom. But we made it!

Sundays are splendid. They are relaxing. They are enjoyable. But not without some planning and forethought. I believe that our Sundays truly are a delight” (spiritual enlightenment here) because we allow them to be. I am thankful for the teachings of our Latter-Day Prophets who have taught us how to have such a sacred gift each week as a Sunday. (It doesn’t hurt that it was sunny yesterday too!).

Here’s to better weather this week and some preparedness for better days for when it does have to rain and storm.

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison

    Wow there are so many things I never would think about living in an RV! Mold….Mud… no fun! I’m glad you’ve figured out how to solve these issues! And I LOVE your muckers!!!

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