Costa Rica

My Church Calling

Last Sunday, I had the greatest privilege to take my kiddos to another ward for their ward conference. While there, I got to attend the Junior Primary class, taught by their fabulous Primary President. She came fully prepared (the most wonderful gift anyone can give when teaching) to teach this cute little group of kiddos.… Read More My Church Calling


Loose Tooth!

This silly girl. Every time we travel, she looses a tooth. This molar has been wiggly for weeks. And guess what . . . She lost it on our trip! That goose! She was so happy. Me too! Because I really dislike wiggly teeth! I’m glad it’s out. Congrats Curly Cook! Happy Thursday,

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The Ballet

Last Saturday night, GingerSnap and I attended The Ballet with a family friend who will have moved by the time we return to Costa Rica. We wanted to spend one last day together, but what to do with two teenage girls, on a Saturday night, that is worth leaving the comforts of our own homes… Read More The Ballet