Author: wendi

#65 – Darkness vs. Light

  I really miss early morning, 4:25 a.m. wake-up time, Seminary.   Yep, I said it.  Getting up at 5:00 a.m. to read my scriptures in my t.v. room just isn’t the same as sitting in my car to watch the sunrise.  First of all, look at the reflection and division on the sliding glass door.  In my car I… Read more →

#64 – Throwback Thursday . . . My first house, twice.

Earlier this week, after feeling overwhelmed with the busyness of the day, I stopped to take a moment for myself.  My mind was struggling to stop negative thoughts from creeping in.  I needed to find something to be grateful for and FAST.  But what?  The usual thoughts are almost threadbare, I needed something new, something strong, and something that can… Read more →

#62 – Our HOME is for Sale . . . new price reduction!

  Our HOME is for Sale!   We have reduced the price and would LOVE for a new family to purchase it.  It has been a joy to own and we will miss living there greatly!    Please pass this onto anyone you know who is a realtor or a possible buyer of a home.  ‘Tis the… Read more →

#59 – Life.

I really try not to complain too much but I want this to be here for me in the future.  Things don’t feel so great right now with our “bowling balls” that are up in the air (house, black car, future goals).  My hope is that things REALLY WILL get better sooner than later.  As my friend says, “It always… Read more →