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Blog #5 – Good Morning!

Good Morning!  Look what I woke up to today . . . That’s right, breakfast in bed! Oh how I adore this young woman! It has been a privilege and an honor to be her mother.  There are days that I honestly feel that she teaches me just as much as I could ever teach her.  I am truly blessed… Read more →

100 Blog Posts – #1

The kids and I watched a fun new show on BYUTV last night.  It is called “The New Creatives.”  We watched the first episode and REALLY enjoyed the challenge they gave us at the end of the show.  So, we each decided to take the challenge.  We were challenged to create 100 of something. Ginger Snap decided to color 100… Read more →

A Hard Day . . .

Today has been a difficult day.  Yes, I am exhausted.  Yes, I need to sleep.  But sleep doesn’t seem to quench this kind of exhaustion.  The kind of exhaustion I am facing is doubt.  Doubt in myself and the choices that I have made, along with the choices I have made with Paul.  Today was especially difficult because I am… Read more →