Author: wendi

#232 – Goal Completed!!

Well, I actually FINALLY did it! YIPPEE!!!!! I fulfilled my goal that I set earlier this year. I wrote about it in this blog post. I honestly thought it wouldn’t take me this long to accomplish, but 75 talks is actually quite a lot. But taking in one talk a day really is just 16 minutes. Do I really struggle… Read more →

#231 – Potty Jokes

Yes, potty jokes. They happen in the best of families and usually they are quite annoying or just plain gross. But sometimes they are actually quite funny. That’s what happened with this little monkey when she got a GRAND idea to write a message to her sister, that she shares a bathroom with, that she needed to . . .… Read more →

#230 – Super FAST and YUMMY Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for a Golden Birthdayo

Today is a special day! This kid is celebrating his GOLDEN birthday! He turned 18, on the 18th of July, in 2018, in house #18! Whoa! He also completed his Duty to God, turned in his mission papers, AND applied to a University just 2 days before his birthday.  Our young man is GROWING UP!  As a family we are excited for El… Read more →

#226 – Simple Beauty

Today was a great day! After a good family scrubbing of the daily living space of our home, think kitchen/dining room/living room spaces, we set out to complete our second-to-last day of homeschooling this year. It has been a rough last month, to say the least! Monday, I unexpectedly spent the day revamping our homeschool calendar for next year. I’m… Read more →

#225 – The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies I Have Ever Made!

You know those box cake mixes that you can magically turn into the yummiest cookies?       Well this isn’t that kind of cookie.  I actually don’t like those cookies very much. They seem pasty, dense and almost like you are just eating flour and liquid baked into a ball.  So when Joy Boy asked if we could make some… Read more →