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Feeding the Missionaries

Many years ago, Paul blessed our family with accepting the invitation to welcome the missionaries into our home. Elder Smith and Elder Clough were our “first missionaries”. We loved having them in our home and they helped us to prepare for what was coming next in our lives! Feeding the missionaries often! We have LOVED getting to know these amazing… Read more →

The Desk

I am so very proud of Paul. He is such a “go getter!” type of person. Instead of sleeping in, hanging out watching tv/movies, or just laying around doing nothing during his break between jobs, he is putting his time to good use. He has been creating a new desk for himself to use in our library. With his new… Read more →

#230 – Super FAST and YUMMY Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for a Golden Birthdayo

Today is a special day! This kid is celebrating his GOLDEN birthday! He turned 18, on the 18th of July, in 2018, in house #18! Whoa! He also completed his Duty to God, turned in his mission papers, AND applied to a University just 2 days before his birthday.  Our young man is GROWING UP!  As a family we are excited for El… Read more →

#223 – Guess What?!?!?

It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!!!  After a LONG . . .    of cabin-fever, savings drained, hopes deflated, trust-button breaking, patience growing, “look on the bright side” making, learn to take Uber everywhere you are going, “Can’t stand to look at another Pathfinder” thinking, learning what is MOST important, striving for hope filled months, we FINALLY . . . .    … Read more →