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A Poem

“Little Birdie” By Wendi (That’s me!) Little birdie, sweet and fine Sitting on your wooden line. You love to sing, and dance, and play Chirping to your friends all day. I wonder how your cage can be A place that brings you happy things? With bars, and locks, and spaces tight, Keeping you from taking… Read More A Poem


Loose Tooth!

This silly girl. Every time we travel, she looses a tooth. This molar has been wiggly for weeks. And guess what . . . She lost it on our trip! That goose! She was so happy. Me too! Because I really dislike wiggly teeth! I’m glad it’s out. Congrats Curly Cook! Happy Thursday,

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The Ballet

Last Saturday night, GingerSnap and I attended The Ballet with a family friend who will have moved by the time we return to Costa Rica. We wanted to spend one last day together, but what to do with two teenage girls, on a Saturday night, that is worth leaving the comforts of our own homes… Read More The Ballet

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Joy Boy a.k.a. Silly Boy!

Here’s some fun to enjoy! Joy Boy was having some fun during our Family Devotional this week. I couldn’t help but take pictures of him. He is growing up so fast! He is almost 12! He’s my Super Hero! Happy Friday,

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Year 4 Homeschool Project Completed!

What a whirlwind week it has been! Between administering 3 different assessment tests, finishing up 20 quilt blocks, 5 dentist appointments, and various church assignments, we have also been tackling a BIG FINAL PROJECT in our homeschool. We started this project a few weeks ago by first discussing and brainstorming ideas. Then assignments were made… Read More Year 4 Homeschool Project Completed!