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My Little Snorklers

My little snorklers . . . look at them grow. I can’t believe that just 20 months ago, the two little ones couldn’t swim yet. Now look at them, they are snorkeling with their big helper sister “K”. We are staying at the Paradizio Condos in Coco beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica for General Conference weekend. We enjoyed listening to the first… Read more →

I’m Back!

Sweet and simple.  I haven’t blogged in quite a long time.  It seems to be too much for me to handle these days.  NOt because I am homeschooling but because I face too many fears when I start to blog.  I hear face-less voices, whispering to me to “Stop!”  ” No one WANTS to hear what you have to say!”… Read more →

Welcome Home to Costa Rica

“Welcome HOME to Costa Rica,” the night air called out to us as we entered baggage claim. We made it! We actually made it to Costa Rica and much smoother than hubby and I had planned. Two, 3 1/2 hour flights didn’t do as much damage to us, other than my tuna fish cans, than we had thought it would.… Read more →

School of Life

The First Day of School 2013 – 2014       What an exciting day!!!  My kiddos have seriously been waiting for school to FINALLY start up again.  For me personally, that kind of an attitude is a HUGE victory!  I can’t help but think back to ALL the years my kids struggled to go to school.  Tears, tantrums, cases of… Read more →

Homemade Instant Oatmeal

          I LOVE to make food from scratch.  I still remember the first time I heard the term “from scratch.”  I was a newlywed and was visiting with my mother-in-law in her kitchen one afternoon.  Her two youngest daughters were also in the kitchen, making a cake.  I was so excited to be there because I thought I could… Read more →