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I love it when my kids react differently to the same experience. It helps me remember that we are all very unique and different people, even in a family. Curly Cook found a “gross and icky bug” 🐛 on Joy Boy’s rusty, hand-me-down bike. Joy Boy thought the bug was SUPER cool and even knew… Read More Bugs

Adventures, Costa Rica, Family

The Cenada

I woke up today and decided to join Paul and the littlest ones on their bi-weekly trip to our favorite Farmer’s Market, The Cenada. I asked Joy Boy to document our trip. Enjoy! He is one talented photographer! Paul treated Curly Cook and I to a Pipa Fría (Cold Coconut water). It was yummy! We… Read More The Cenada

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This morning I woke up late! It was a late night for us . . . 12:45 a.m. (hence the reason not blog post for yesterday). So I slept in until 8:35 a.m. I felt so bad for Paul and my friend Fran, because they both HAD to wake up early for work. I had… Read More Reminders