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#223 – Guess What?!?!?

It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!!!  After a LONG . . .    of cabin-fever, savings drained, hopes deflated, trust-button breaking, patience growing, “look on the bright side” making, learn to take Uber everywhere you are going, “Can’t stand to look at another Pathfinder” thinking, learning what is MOST important, striving for hope filled months, we FINALLY . . . .    … Read more →

#220 – Vulnerable

I am feeling particularly beautiful today.    Maybe it’s the way my hair’s natural curl flowed on top of my head, creating an artistic frame for my face as I dutch braided the rest of my hair, away from my face, into a pony tail that had some curl left in the ends of my hair.  Maybe it is the… Read more →

#218 – Moving Chairs

We recently had Stake Conference. (a meeting where at least 5 church congregations come together as one to hear speakers from our local church community)     But first the building to be used in Flores needed to be cleaned and then filled with chairs.   200 extra to be exact!     Paul took advantage of having 3 older… Read more →