On the Road to Escazu

Yesterday was quite a day.  I am actually STILL exhausted and wanting to nap, but too much sleep is not a good thing for me.  So I am trying to stay busy, while resting occasionally on the couch, usually with a child or two snuggling up against me (L and G are the BEST snugglers).  But before I head off… Read more →

I’ll “Let” You!

As I was making dinner for my soon-to-be arriving from a Stake Youth Meeting, hungry husband and oldest children, I pondered the day that I had and realized that my attitude could have prevented me from feeling what I felt today at church.  You see, I was asked to attend another branch today despite the fact that my husband is… Read more →

Living in Latin America as a White, non-Spanish speaking Woman from the USA

I find myself sitting in a Carl’s Jr. all alone, waiting for my piping hot chicken tenders and crisscut fries to not only feed my hungry belly but to comfort my ex-patriate heart.  Being alone in public NEVER happens to me anymore but I feel it is happening tonight because I believe Providence needed it to.  I honestly feel like… Read more →

Paul is 40 too!!!

We are starting a silly tradition. Due to the spacing of our ages, each year that I turn a whole decade older, Paul will be given the gift of being that age too. How might you ask? It’s simple. Each time someone asks us how old we are, which we seemed to get asked quite often, I will answer first… Read more →

My Little Snorklers

My little snorklers . . . look at them grow. I can’t believe that just 20 months ago, the two little ones couldn’t swim yet. Now look at them, they are snorkeling with their big helper sister “K”. We are staying at the Paradizio Condos in Coco beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica for General Conference weekend. We enjoyed listening to the first… Read more →

Spy Wednesday and a VLOG??

“Spy Wednesday” was today.  I must say I am SUPER grateful to be learning about “Semana Santa” or Holy Week this year.  It is a HUGE tradition in the Latin community but it is actually something that is celebrated around the world.  Growing up in Utah we kind of tied Easter with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts, a new… Read more →