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7:30 p.m. and All is Well!

Now, I hate to make you parents jealous but my entire household is in bed at this moment. I am relaxing on the couch, about to watch “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, all alone! I have NEEDED this moment all day, and here it is, wrapped up with a pretty bow called quiet.

Why so early to bed? Well, Paul didn’t get home until 1:05 a.m. and got up at 6:00 a.m. to open the office by 7. He is working so hard, so he went to bed early, just before passing out during dinner.

Okay, that explains Paul, but what about the kids? Well, you see, the sun comes up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. here and goes down by 6:30 p.m. at night. So the kids have been waking early but still staying up late. I guess tonight it FINALLY caught up with them. So, that is how I got my free time. I am a night owl by choice, so staying up is just fine by me.

Today’s adventures landed us in Walmart, store number 4 in 3 days. We have spent a grand total of $420.00. Can you feel my heart panicking?

As I walked through Walmart and saw all I needed, i started to panic. I just kept saying out loud, “Heavenly Father help me! Please!”. I didn’t know how to justify spending so much money for things I have waiting for me at home, like: plastic cups ( because the house only has glass. Glass, tile floor and kids don’t mix), a scraper for cooking, spices for making weird food taste familiar, honey, oil, vinegar, flour, sugars, boredom busters (toys/ things to do while it rains every afternoon), and basic staples to keep kids satisfied and not feeling hungry all day.

This trip, all though expensive, has honestly become a gift to me. I have seen the importance of having a food storage and always being prepared. Not just because we are told to but the why!

I feel we should because it brings peace of mind and allows us so much freedom in our time and preparation everyday. It is also so nutritious and much more affordable in bulk/on sale then buying when you must have it and at whatever price they have it at. Again, we are so spoiled in America!!

Please someone, go buy a tall container of Pringles ($2.60 here), a Wendy’s jr. Cheeseburger deluxe ($2.39 here) and a can of caffeine free coke ($1.00 for a can here) and think of me. Crazy but it is so amazing to SEE how blessed we are and just get those things without thinking.

Now I am desperately trying NEVER to eat out in Costa Rica because if I think a trip to the store is expensive (about $60.00), well that is dinner for my family at a fast good place. One meal, NO THANK YOU!!

I know I can make this goal because I am trying desperately to “save” enough money to travel overnight and show my kids the monkeys in the wild and the cloud forests. The two adventures are in two different cities and require hours of driving. Each hotel is at least $200 a night. But that is just 8 times eating out for us. Just at a place like Wendy’s. Sick huh! So NO EATING OUT! But yes, there will be dollar cans of caffeine free coke every other day and Nutella with sliced apples (my new favorite treat – thanks LeAnn and Cammy). I deserve something for my slaving away, trying to make our dollar stretch the best I can! Right?

So, that is today for me!! I want to thank you for your kind comments! As soon as the Internet is available on my laptop, that is another story, I will look into making them public.

Buenos Noches! Wendi

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