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Yep, I have been busted.  Doing what you ask?  Well, staying up late at night, blogging, facebooking, reading books, even watching t.v., anything but going to bed.  I have had this nasty bad habit for as long as I can remember.  It has been my solice, my vice, my comfort when life is out of control, unbearable or just plain boring.  But boy does it have its side effects.

Not only do I get to bed late, I don’t get enough sleep.  Then I start my day off grumpy, irritated and generally still pretty sleepy.  I know that a good night’s rest is important but I just hate to go to bed!  I think I always have.  There is just something inside of me that fights going to bed.  I almost feel like it is a punishment to “go to bed.”  And it is usually Paul who tells me to go to bed.  So . . . I then feel Paul is being “the boss of me” (like I don’t hear that from my children a million times a day) and it makes me resent him.

So, how was I busted?  Well, I stayed up late last night, again, and Paul actually came downstairs to see what I was doing up.  I knew I was busted, not the normal busted, but the kind of “we need to talk” busted.  How did I know?

Well, first of all, Monday I was looking at my favorite Food Nanny’s website for my post.  I saw she actually had a blog.  So . .  I checked it out of course.  In it I found the sweetest post.  She wrote about the struggles of raising her7 children with a husband who was away with work (pilot) 60% of their marriage.  I NEEDED to hear that and hear that this life is OKAY and that I CAN do it, instead of waiting for Paul’s job to be “normal” one day.

She gave three really great tips to raising a family and being happy.  They are:

#1 Mom had to get enough sleep to survive!  That meant going to bed at the same time the kids went to bed and possibly taking naps while they nap during the day (especially with babies and toddlers!)

#2 Getting up in the morning before the kids wake up for me was critical! I learned quickly that if I was not up and dressed before the kids got up my day was a wreck.  I played catch up all day long, I never looked good myself, and things never got done the way I liked. It was chaos! Nothing was better than that hour getting myself ready for the day in peace and getting the wash started, lunches made and breakfast going. I was ready for anything. Even that phone call that came from the school nurse just after the first bell rang at school to tell you that your kid just threw up. Great!  I was ready to jump in the car dressed and in control of the situation. For those of you who just can’t get up in the morning, all it takes is forcing yourself up. Once up, nothing feels better! I promise! Do it on a consistent basis, and Viola! You are a new woman!!

#3 Get your kids to nap. Babies, another story, another blog post. But for 1, 2 and 3 yrs. old, you can get them to do this. Train your kids to go down for naps after lunch. You can lay down on the couch as well and take a power nap. This will get you through to bedtime. There is nothing like power naps! If you just can’t do it, lie there and rest.  Problem today: Most Moms’ are out shopping or doing errands during lunchtime. Try and do this before or after lunchtime so that you are home and can make this critical thing happen for all of you.  I am not saying you can’t go to lunch or to the park for lunch with your kid’s, just not everyday!  Being flexible is extremely important, but creating rituals is also key.

(her is here blog if you would like to see more: )

I loved what she said and I FELT that I NEEDED to listen.  I felt in my heart, “You can do this Wendi!  You can learn to go to bed early.  You NEED sleep in order to FIND HAPPINESS!”  I just didn’t know how.

Then my late night happened.  But not before I saw‘s post.  She posted this great quote from Sister Hinckley.

But I “really read” the quote after I received a sweet busting from Paul, that he missed me coming to bed and was worried about me not getting enough sleep.  What does a girl do?  I am obviously being gently guided to change this bad habit in my life.  Now that I have been given the urge, now I have to do the work. 
So ladies and gentlemen, I am so sorry to not blog about anything more fancy in Costa Rica, but this is it.  My confession that I NEED to get to bed is all I have to offer tonight.  It is already 9:20 and I am already “late” with my new nightly routine.  I have a goal for the next 90 days to get to bed between 9 and 10 and be to sleep by 10:30 and up at 6:30.  This will allow me the time I need to get ready in the morning (tip #2) and possibly earlier some days so I can enjoy a spin class or a bike ride (if Paul is in town).  
Boy, growing up / maturing is hard.  I LOVE my bad habit but it is time to put it to rest and make some positive changes.  I HOPE with this new change that I will indeed find myself more pleasurable in the morning, having more energy and a better outlook on life.  We shall see!
P.S. – No adventures today.  I did get up early and took the kids to Walmart (again) to get some floaties for G (and other necessities) so we could go swimming.  I hoped to go to the Country Club but ran into some “issues” with the kids.  So, we opted to swim at our backyard pool.  It was freezing but L and G got in anyway with K and E and had a great time.  Then they took showers, had easy pizza for lunch and quiet time so Mom could chill out.  
After that we had a co-worker of Paul’s, Ken Gary, come have dinner with us.  
 He is the NICEST man!  K wouldn’t stop talking to him!  He is just barely leaving and got here at 6.  He didn’t want to go.  “The Whitchurch Touch” strikes again – a.k.a. – The Twilight Zone (people forget time when they come to our house for dinner or a visit). But the kids had a blast!  Not too bad for a Wednesday.  Just hope we survive the MASSIVE rainstorm we are having.  It flooded our garage level with 2 inches of water.  
Good Night and sweet dreams ~  Wendi


  • Jana Friel

    oh, dear. this post is everything I need to hear and need to be working on. I’ve felt the twinge of conscience for a while, now…

    maybe we can do it together? (moral support?)

    not sure where to start…

  • heather

    Wendi! I needed to hear this so much. I am also like you and stay up until all hours of the night sometimes into the wee morning. It kills me to goto sleep but then that kills me in the morning. You are my kindred spirit. I think I’m going to join you on your challenge to get to bed before 10. Dave is starting school soon so he’s going to be extra gone. I need all the help I can get, so I’ll start by helping myself and get some sleep. I’m happy you decided to ” skip a costa rica” post and post this in its place. I’m going to have to start tomorrow since tonight is already gone! Thanks Wendi! Keep having fun it’ll be over before you know it.

  • Kori

    YES!!!! I have been trying to teach you about sleep for years!!! 🙂 lol
    And, yes, no one ever wants to leave your house, it’s too fun!! Miss you! Glad you are having fun!

  • Cammy

    It could have been me writing the first part of your post, right down to the bossy husband saying it’s time to go to bed (Can you tell they are brothers?). I think I need to take this challenge on too. THANK YOU so very much for writing this. Love you!

  • Wendi

    You are all SOOO wonderful! I am glad to know that I am not the only one (well, not Kori) struggling with this. Funny thing is, Paul was at work late Thursday and kept me up until 11:30 talking. Then last night he said is “Friday” and we started a movie and he passed out (he was actually starting to get a fever) but I stayed up. Now today we both napped and I am not tired. AHHH! Best intentions are not easy to stick to. But at least I am wanting to try this. Desire is the hardest thing to attain.

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