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This is Me, before the attack!  Just kicking back, having a simple lunch with the kids (picture taken by L – pretty good huh).  When all of a sudden, WE WERE SURROUNDED!




They had us cornered in every tree near our picnic table.        
(monkey in tree above E’s head)  At first we thought it was just part of the park entrance fee, a show provided by the local monkeys.  But NO!  They had their own plans.  
It is still too painful for G to talk about, but he has allowed me to share the story for him. 
You see, we were just sitting down, having a lovely lunch by the Playa de Dona Ana beach.  When the cutest mama monkey came walking by with a baby on her back.  We “oohed and ahhed” and L thought it was the sweetest thing she had ever seen.  But that is how they get you.  They distract you in hopes to turn your attention away from your personal belongings.
But . . .we were onto them.  We had heard stories about these “kind of monkeys” and so we knew to keep a sharp eye on them.  The monkeys didn’t like that!
So two monkeys ganged up to scare us by hissing at us and showing us their terrifying teeth.  Well, that didn’t scare us.  We stayed strong and endured the frightening scene, while still enjoying our lovely lunch.
Because we weren’t going to let ANYTHING ruin our beautiful day at the beach!
(This is G, before the attack, having a peaceful and happy stroll along the beach.) 
 After lunch, we cleaned up the leftover food and decided to do a bit of service by picking up any garbage that had washed up onto the shore from the sea.  
G still wasn’t finished eating, so we left him to enjoy the rest of his veggies and the last handful of our favorite chips in Costa Rica, Rikos.  YUM!  When all of a sudden we heard the family next to us yelling!
 We turned around to see what was wrong and found a monkey running up a tree with G’s bag of chips!  Unfortunately for the monkey, he carried the bag upside down.  So the chips spilled onto the sand.  But G was devastated!  He began to . . . CRY.  (shocking I know!)
There was nothing we could do, the chips were lost.  We just had to face the facts.  But G, put his fist up into the air and said, “You MEAN MONKEYS!  You stole my chips!  I DON’T like you!”
Poor G, so lost and alone without his bag of chips.  What was the poor boy to do? 
Fortunately he had his little sister to play ponies with.  Thank heavens that boy changes moods so quickly! 
 As for the rest of us?  We handled the attack just fine.  We actually thought it was pretty funny and would make a great story to tell, one day.  
If for nothing else, the kids got to “see” the monkeys in Costa Rica.  Right?    
All our love and laughter ~ Wendi and the kids
(too bad Paul misses out on all this fun stuff we get to do!  Don’t you feel bad for him?  We do!)


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