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E’s First Time at the Temple

Today was a very special day for our oldest son, E.
He attended the temple for the first time!
The San Jose, Costa Rica Temple – Pretty Special!!
E with his dad, Paul – before we entered the temple.
E was patient to go; we had to wait for Paul’s leg to heal enough to take him. Stitches have been out for a few days, so we took the chance to go.
Thank Heavens!  The temple is closed for the next two weeks, starting this Sunday.
E with his mom and biggest fan – also before we entered the temple.
I couldn’t wait for this opportunity.  I can’t believe we are doing this with E! He is going to be taller than me in only a few more years!
E made a couple of friends in the temple.  Two boys took it upon themselves to show E what to do and where to go.  They even spoke English and translated for E when needed.  Blessings from heaven right on Earth.  It was just what E needed to not feel nervous, embarrassed or worried.
E after the experience.  Just look at him glow!
Just look at him glow.  He had an amazing time!  Paul was able to baptize both E and myself.  It will be something I hope to remember forever!

Tender Memories!   ~  Wendi


  • Eileen

    E, I am so proud of you! How awesome to be able to experience the temple for the first time and in a different country at that! I still consider you one of my “kids” (primary kids) and I love you! So proud of you for choosing the right and being worthy to enter the Lord’s house. And I know Heavenly Father is pleased as well. Brings tears of joy to my eyes! 🙂

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