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Nails . . .

I have been a nail biter for as long as I can remember.  Some say it is a nasty habit?  I have never understood why.  
They say it is because it can make you sick to put your fingers in your mouth. . . sounds like a stronger immune system to me.
They say it can cause you pain and bleeding if you bite your nails to far. . . So don’t bite so far next time?  
They say it can give you hang nails or infections . . . Well, just be careful!
I honestly have had no problems with biting my nails.  I actually really enjoyed doing it.  It was something I actually looked forward to doing.  It was a stress reliever for me, especially during really intense scenes in a movie.

Yes, I can hear you saying, “GROSS and EW!”  But guess what?  It doesn’t phase me, because I have heard that for YEARS and it has NEVER STOPPED ME . . . until now.

Well, while I was in Costa Rica, look what happened . . . 

I grew my nails.  And it was completely by accident too.  I just happened to look down one day and saw these amazingly long and STRONG nails on my hand.  I instantly tried to see if I could bite one, but I couldn’t.  It was too thick.  I have NEVER had nails this thick or long before in my life!
I checked Paul’s nails and he too had long nails and his were strong like mine.  He was excited to discover how strong his nails were as well.  Because his nails are usually super weak and tear easily.  We couldn’t imagaine what Costa Rica offered that Utah didn’t, in growing strong nails without trying.  Was it the ocean water?  Was it the milk we drank?  Was it the lack of processed food and chemicals in our diets? 
Who knows?  But after having had these nails for a few weeks, I decided it was time to give growing my nails out a try.  
At first I was going to treat myself to a manicure and “watch” how they do it, so I could do it myself.  But I am far too tired and too cheap to do that right now.  Then the idea came to me to research how to do it on the web.
I found dozens of “DYI manicures” on YouTube.  It was great!  Now I not only have strong, long and shiny nails, but my nails are filed and don’t snag on things anymore.
So, what do you think?  Should I give it a try or just bite them off?

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