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The Art of BALANCE . . .

The last few days have been more than difficult.  They have been EXHAUSTING!  I don’t know if it is jet lag, or Paul’s flu bug from Costa Rica, or something I might have caught on the plane.  But all I know is that if I don’t keep myself balanced, I am going to lose it!
Having four in school, at four completely different schedules is almost putting me on the brink of insanity.  
What happened to the good old days when the Big Yellow School Bus would come pick up the kids and take them to school for you?  I miss those days!  I ache for them!  But whining won’t change the fact that this is my situation and I MUST push through this scheduling mess – called My Life!
Fortunately, I am “looking” into joining a carpool for my oldest who starts school much earlier than my other children.  This is my first time in a carpool since I was the one being “pooled” to school.  I was actually kicked out of my carpool – TOO MANY BAD HAIR DAYS!

But with texting now days, we can instantly tell the other driver that they don’t need to come.  Instead of waving them away in the drive way and upsetting them because we didn’t call before they left the house.  Cool changes I must admit, but is carpooling better than just driving E up there when I want him there?
What are your thoughts?


  • Jana Friel

    For me, I’d rather drive than carpool… but I have fewer kids than you do, so it’s different. For me, the stress of being on time/waiting for someone else to be on time/everybody making everybody else late is more stressful than loading up and taking the kid myself. But I might have a different opinion if I had four kids going different directions.
    Good Luck!

  • Wendi

    Jordan says: I wouldn’t be able to do it. I would get too stressed trying to remember what day I’m supposed to drive and making sure I got my kids up on time so I could pick up the other kids so no one is late to school. Even though it’s nice to help out adding extra stress isn’t good for you either…”

  • Wendi

    Sorry ladies! I don’t know why it won’t let you comment. Just continue to comment by facebook, if it won’t let you, and I will post your comments for you – until I fix this. Love you all! Wendi

  • Wendi

    Heather Johnson I’m looking for a carpool for dallin too and my schedule isn’t nearly as complicated as yours. I vote yes. Ps my kids would love to play sometime before school really starts.

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