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Happy Birthday Daddy!

In TRUE Wardle fashion, I am a day late in wishing my sweet Dad a VERY
I love you Dad!
(He just turned 61 – so proud!)
You are someone I can turn to,
when life is kicking me down.  
Someone I can vent to,
but then encourages me to see things from another perspective.
Someone I can celebrate life’s victories with,
but who can also support me in life’s trials.
Someone who LOVES my kids just the way they are,
and someone who can see that they are doing just fine!
(even when I am convinced they are not.)
Someone I can be honest with
and who will be honest right back.
Someone who loves me and let’s me love him right back!
Dad’s 50th Birthday – September 2001 (E had just turned 1)
 I love you Dad!  Thanks for being my dad.  Thanks for teaching me about forgiveness and to love people for who they are, not who we want them to be.  Thanks for marrying someone who has taught us about love, by word and example.  And thank you for showing us what love in marriage can be.  Thank you for supporting the “high bangs” and NEVER cutting them off in the middle of the night (like you said you would).
(HOLY COW!!  Why didn’t you do it??  It had to be love!)
But most of all . . . 

 Your daughter,


Balloon and I love you Dad – Microsoft Publisher 2007

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