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Impromptu Mother & Son Date

Today didn’t exactly turn out anything like I had written it out to be.  Instead of the same old, same old, Joy Boy and I had the opportunity to hop into the car (after I had a quick shower from going walking with my friends Lee and Barbara Harlin) and drive out to Escazu to meet up with two friends of ours, Lori & her 8 year old son.

I wasn’t planning on bringing Joy Boy along but felt a sudden nudge to have him come along too.  That is one of the many joys of Homeschooling, you can grab a kid, any kid, and go for the day and not have it throw a wrench into the week.  It took us quite awhile to get to Escazu but Joy Boy used that time to ask me all sorts of questions.  Some were silly, some were deep and others I just let him answer and chatter away.  It was a good bonding time for us both.

We arrived at our friend’s men’s suit shop, to pick up a suit and extra pair of slacks for Paul.  As Lori and I chatted away, her son and Joy Boy played and chatted too.  They really had a great time together.

Lori and I had so much fun chatting, that we continued the conversation in her car, where the 2 boys talked, played games on our phones and then watched a video together.  Thank HEAVEN for technology.  Lori lives 3+ hours away, so we rarely get to see or visit with eachother. It was just what this Momma needed.  After our wonderful chat of a few hours, Joy Boy and I drove across the street for a bite to eat.  We enjoyed his favorite food, pizza, from Pizza Hut (not that Pizza Hut is his favorite, it is just what we have here) where we sat again and enjoyed some time together.

I was anxious to get back on the freeway, because traffic gets CRAZY after 3 pm,  but we flew home without any problems and with plenty of time to relax before needing to make dinner and start FHE.  Joy Boy gave a terrific lesson on “Having Faith in Christ from a story of the Book of Mormon.”  It was part of his Fe en Dios program (Faith in God for boys) and he did super well.  He chose to talk about the story of Nephi being commanded to build a boat.  He ended his lesson with his sweet testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ.  Bless his sweet heart and soul.  We then had activity by Paul – a fun game from some of our past missionaries, Elder Zibin and Elder Kirk, called “Zip Bop.”

May 9, 2017 – Return Missionaries Noah Kirk and John Zibin came back to visit a few people from their mission to Costa Rica. The kids THOROUGHLY enjoyed having them stay with us for a few nights.

How you play “Zip Bop” is simple.  Each player of the game has the task to keep their teeth covered at all times with their lips, so your mouth looks like you are wearing dentures.  You then need to say “Zip” or “Bop” in your silliest, great-grandparentiest (yes, that is a word) way, trying to get the other person to laugh.  When you say “Zip”, the order rotates one direction but “Bop” reverses the direction.  There is no rhyme or reason to the game but endurance to the end because believe it or not, it is tough to keep your teeth covered while smiling from all the giggles and laughter.  Give it a try.  Any age can do it!


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