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Even Moms get Sick!

Sorry I haven’t be around for a few days . . . I think I had the stomach flu.  Yuck!

But even Moms can get sick once in awhile.

I really didn’t mind being sick because it is SO MUCH BETTER than what I have been dealing with the past 4 years.  I don’t know if I have shared my health struggles with you but to put it simply, I had to have a partial hysterectomy last July and it has been quite the process.  Not only did I have to be sick for an extended amount of time BEFORE I could finally have surgery, I have also had to recover for an extended amount of time after the surgery.  It has been a daily struggle to say the least BUT . . . the stomach flu wasn’t that bad in comparison.  That is a positive, right?

I started to not feel well Thursday but wondered if it was just allergies.  I haven’t been able to smell for a few weeks, so I thought maybe it was affecting my hearing which was causing the dizzy spells and light headedness.  Then Saturday morning I woke up feeling EXHAUSTED but not wanting to sleep.  I couldn’t figure it out.  So, I assumed I was having a “set back” day.  I get those a few times a month.  They are due to my surgery and I believe they occur because my body is still trying to figure out how to live WITHOUT a major female body part.  So I usually give myself a break and count my blessings that I am at least not feeling well only a few days a month, instead of only feeling well for a few days each month.  Got to look for those blessings!

But as Saturday progressed, I was feeling more and more weak and lethargic.  I pulled myself together to attend a Stake Talent Show where Ginger Snap played “Together” on her guitar and Joy Boy sang “I Am a Child of God” with me accompanying him on the piano (my FIRST TIME accompanying someone! Whoa!)  After we arrived home I was struggling to figure out what I felt like.  Was I dehydrated, exhausted from a busy week or just overwhelmed with the weekend coming to an end so quickly?  I slept pretty well that night but woke up grumpier than anything.  I dragged myself to church and got through it, only to come home and try to get through lunch with enough energy to go Visiting Teaching – something I LOVE to do!

Thankfully I made it through my WONDERFUL and VERY SPECIAL visits, but as I drove home I felt like a bomb had gone off inside of me.  I was SICK and I didn’t know what to do.  My head and my stomach were RAGING.  I tried lying on the cold tile but nothing seemed to help.  I even tried to throw-up (something I refuse to do because it causes dehydration) but that didn’t even work.  I was so frustrated.  Thankfully I passed out at 10 and was blessed to sleep in until I felt well enough to wake up.

I took Monday off to rest, catch up on emails and kept the room as dark as I could, to keep my headache at a minimum.  But I just couldn’t eat.  Ginger ale and soda crackers was all I could stomach.  I finally was SO HUNGRY that I forced myself to eat a small bowl of leftovers, but that only angered my stomach more.  I tried to soak in a bath, but ran out of hot water.  Things weren’t looking too good.

I rested as much as I could, only to find myself in complete tears last night, trying desperately to feed my starving body but also not upset my raging stomach.  My stomach is still trying to heal from some reactions I had with an IUD and the surgery.  It is as if I have open sores in my stomach that are trying to heal, and were, until I got sick and that seemed to reopen them.  OUCH!

Well, after many prayers, a priesthood blessing and a HUGE desire to not cancel our dentist appointments today, as well as a farewell lunch date with a dear friend and her daughter, I put myself to bed and did my best to get better.  I awoke in the morning, got dressed and made the best of my day.  I was tired and wasn’t interested in eating very much (dry Cheerios and a glass of ginger ale – not so yummy) but I made it through the dentist appointments (no cavities – woot, woot!) and got to see my dear, sweet Dayna Karlinsey one more time before she moves to my home state, Utah.

Lunch at Mocapan (not Mocopan Ginger Snap) with Dayna and Brynne Karlinsey –   May 23, 2017

The kids and I had fun giving Dayna’s family a small token to remember us by.  It was a sock monkey that we made and then we embroidered each of our names on one of her appendages.

One day K, G and L made themselves each a Sock Monkey – February 6, 2017

Dayna loved her monkey and I loved giving it to her!  I wonder if this “Costa Rican Sock Monkey” will become a tradition for our family?

Here’s a Sock Monkey we made for a sweet Temple Missionary couple, the Cahoons, who were going back home to Canada.  The kids and I decorated the monkey with all of the wonderful memories we had shared with them over the year we knew them (Indoor Olympics, “5 Crowns” card game, decorating cookies/making pies, painting class, birthday celebrations and tons of hugs!)

This little boy, Santiago, invited us to his birthday party last March, but we wondered what gift we could give to him?  Birthday parties are a BIG DEAL in Costa Rica, so it is hard to compete with the gift givers.  We wanted to give him something unique and something we hoped he would use.  So we made this little boy his very own Sock Monkey, just like the rest of our kids.  HE LOVED IT!  His mother sent me these pictures and told me that out of ALL of the MANY presents he received (and oh boy it was like Christmas and his birthday together), he loved this monkey the very most.

Thankfully they are easy to make and even easier to take home with you.  Do you want one?  Come visit us in Costa Rica and one can be yours too!

Until next time,

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