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Where I visit the most –

There are people who go often to museums, sporting events, concerts, plays, operas, or even the movie theater.  I don’t seem to do any of those things, let alone often.  One place that I do visit often is the temple.

Curly Cook @ the temple after a Mother/Daughter lesson on order and cleanliness – May 31, 2017

As I was walking through the hydrangea filled temple grounds, on my way to the entrance of the temple, I realized how blessed I am to visit the temple each week.  Attending the temple has become a recharge for me, a way for me to feel complete, especially when my world is lacking.  I have found healing, refuge, truth and hope in the temple.  I have especially learned to be grateful for the little things that I used to take for granted, like someone offering to work with me in English, or someone offering to help me, even though we might not understand each other.

I especially love the message that I am unintentionally sending to my children, that THEIR Mother LOVES the Temple!

My children may not remember that I sang to them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before they went to sleep (“I Often Go Walking”, “Families can be Together Forever” & “Heavenly Father loves me”), or that I read them stories with funny voices (“Roar” or “Elephant Small Goes to a Party”), or that I let them eat in the tv room when they least expected it (“Please don’t spill.  But if you do, please clean it up!”).  But I do hope that they will at least remember one thing . . . that their mother attended the temple often and believed in what she was taught within those sacred walls. And that they NEED to get to the temple too and go inside of it often!

From, “I Love to See the Temple” by Janice Kapp Perry

“I love to see the temple. I’ll go inside someday.  I’ll covenant with my Father.  I’ll promise to obey.  For the temple is a Holy place where we are sealed together.  As a child of god, I’ve learned this truth.  A Family IS forever!”

My current “Home Screen Wallpaper” for my phone. A great reminder of what I am working towards emotionally, spiritually and temporally.

As I was patiently waiting for the Seminary students to come out of the church, I just so happened to look up at a big, beautiful tree that was right in front of me and just happened to notice a heart shape in the branches.  Oh how this touched my own tender heart.  I felt very loved in that moment.  Nature is truly trying to remind us daily that we are loved, we are wanted, we are being cared for and we are meant to be happy – if only we would LOOK UP and see it!

Here is some Spiritual Enlightenment.

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