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The “Piano Marvel” comes for a visit

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I woke up not quite feeling myself, wondering what day it was and what I “should” do for the day.  I have been sleeping in all week, since Seminary is on a 2 week HALLELUJAH break!!! (Hallelujah we can sleep in! But they are on break because the public/private schools are on a 2 week vacation) So each night I am getting to bed “late” (10 pm) and sleeping in until the blessed hour of 7 am (or 7:30 am if I am feeling like a rebel).  But I think all of this sleep is affecting me emotionally.

Too much sleep is never good for me, almost worse than too little sleep.  I get easily depressed and want to curl up in a ball and not do anything all day.  Thankfully I had plans to go walking with my pal Barbara.  We had a glorious time and I came home feeling refreshed and ready to get to work.  We had company coming for dinner, so I decided to get dinner ready in advance.  White Chicken Enchiladas Green Chili & Sour Cream Sauce with Cilantro Lime Rice – YUM! I made a HUGE cookie sheet of them and had enough to share with our 2 security guards (one of my favorite things to have my children do).

With dinner ready to go, I whipped up some lunch for everyone and headed upstairs for a much needed shower.  I enjoyed being able to take a shower and actually feel dry enough to quickly get dressed (something that is a luxury during the rainy season).  This blessed gift gave me the boost I needed to sit down and try to tackle some of my past-due emails, but instead I felt prompted to write down Kayleigh’s story. This was unplanned but during my walk that morning, I suddenly found myself sharing most of Kayleigh’s story with my pal Barbara.  I was a bit shocked that this happened but after I was finished, Barbara sincerely thanked me for sharing it with her.  I realized that I hadn’t shared her story in several years.  I forgot what a POWERFUL testament of faith her story is for me, so I felt encouraged to write down in depth.  (I hope to post it on the blog one day)

I didn’t get to finish writing her story before our dinner guests arrived for an early visit before their boys needed to be to the Family History Center at our church building.  We clicked with our guests immediately, which was a delightful surprise because we were complete strangers.  Aaron and Heidi brought their 3 children with them to Costa Rica to help teach church members how to play the hymns.  I had actually already visited their website back in February when the Stake Primary President challenged her presidency to learn to play the piano (by the way, I was “finally” released from that calling 2 weeks ago), so I have been diligently working on this goal ever since, so much so that Paul bought us a piano.  Thanks again Dayna, we LOVE it!

Now “The Piano Marvel” himself was in our home and I wondered what would come of our visit, besides LOTS and LOTS of wonderful conversation (always a plus for me!!).  Well, it was Joy Boy who was blessed yesterday.  Aaron felt impressed to help us set up a FREE ACCOUNT (this is free folks!) and it was Joy Boy who ended up working with him.  Joy Boy LOVED IT and he couldn’t pull himself away from the piano program for over 2 hours. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing that his playing was correct and he LOVED getting a score and having the ability to do better and better, without being penalized or held back.  I’m excited to see what Joy Boy does with this new gift and I feel blessed that my family had this sweet opportunity.

Both families would REALLY like our oldest kids to meet and spend time together, but last night we had a wrench thrown into our plans to get El Gringo and Ginger Snap home from Utah.  Delta made an error with our “unaccompanied minor” tickets which grounded the two from flying home last night.  Sadly this also affects my in-law’s plans for the next day, which happens to be my mother-in-law’s birthday (Happy Birthday Marj!  We love you and we are sorry for the inconvenience!)

But the greatest gift occurred last night, neither Paul nor I got stressed out or panicked about the situation.  We stayed completely calm, laughing and talking while we were on hold or waiting for the resolution to come to pass, which took an hour and a half.  It was a joyous experience.  We also got to text, and then chat, with El Gringo about his feelings and we found our YOUNG MAN to be quite the YOUNG MAN!  Here is our conversation (I hope you don’t mind El Gringo – I want your kids to know this about you too!):

Me: Are you okay?

El Gringo: Yes mom, I’m just a bit frustrated.  Or I was at least?

Me: Because of Grandpa? (the inconvenience this caused their grandparents was upsetting to us all)

El Gringo:  No cause we can’t fly at night.  From 9 pm to 5 am we can’t fly.  Well, minors at least.  And one of the counter helpers didn’t help at all.  I felt like he wanted to make it as hard as possible.  Oh well, he is still a son of God and we need to love him anyway.  I just let it roll off my shoulders! (smiley face emoji)

Me: Good job Elijah!!!!!  You’re preparing well for your future.  I love you!! (heart emoji)

El Gringo:  Yessssssssss, that’s what I was thinking.  Good future preparation experience!  Te amo, igualmente! (heart emoji)


When I read this to Paul, we both had tears in our eyes.  This crazy, mixed up, could-have-been upsetting experience was actually a well orchestrated opportunity for our son to learn that each person has the right to react in whatever way they choose, but that does not determine if they deserve to be loved.  EVERYONE deserves to be loved, no matter what!  Wow!!  Parent paycheck.

Now heres to having hope and faith that the two $1000 refundable tickets we had to buy last night to get our kiddos home will get refunded and that more importantly our kids safely land in Costa Rica tonight.  I also pray that my mother-in-law has a SPLENDID birthday today and that our wrench in their plans actually turns out to be an added blessing to their day.

Thanks for listening,


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  • Susan

    We LOVE piano marvel!! And Aaron! My daughters piano teacher uses his system and my daughter can already play two hymns from memory (she is 7!!). Aaron was at one of her recitals once and played for us. WOW! made me wish I hadn’t quit after 6 months way back when!! Hymn boot camp is just the best. You should set up a free account for yourself and enjoy!!!

    I loved seeing your kiddos at church a couple of weeks ago! Your daughter even sang in sacrament meeting 🙂 We miss you but you are doing great things where you are!

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