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Moments like this are worth capturing

I had to take a quick moment and capture THIS moment.

I am sitting here, enjoying a late lunch while listening to the sounds of . . .

a gentle rain outside my bedroom window. . .

Oh how I have treasured this sacred place.  I have spent more hours than I would like to count, sitting in this exact place, healing, teaching, mending, sewing, creating, blogging, crying, praying, studying, learning, yearning and ultimately growing.  What a joy it is to be in THIS moment and appreciate it.

listening to my two sons actually playing a game together . . .

Oh how I have begged my kids to play games.  Well, they FINALLY are today!  The boys are playing “Risk” and although Joy Boy is losing miserably, he is deeply grateful to be spending one on one time with his brother!

listening to the girls play in the “play room” . . .

I made the BEST decision since moving into this house.  After 2 1/2 years, I moved Curly Cook upstairs to share a room with her big sister.  Paul had a bunk bed made for the two of them to share the “Girl’s Room.”  Since making this decision and acting on it, the kids have played in this room NON STOP and if there are any fights, it is a simple solution; rather than trying to convince Curly Cook to share her room and allow the kids to play with the toys.  Curly Cook has her own special toys, just like the other kids do, but ALL the other toys are FAIR GAME!  I LOVE IT and listening to them PLAY is music to my ears!

I am also enjoying the hard work I put into my bathroom this morning . . .

as well as my bedroom!

I worked harder than I have been able to in a year and a half and my bedroom and bathroom show it.  They are literally sparkling.  It was the best 2 hours and I feel very satisfied with my labors.  What a joy it is to sit and behold it.  How long it lasts, only time will tell, but for now – it is ALL MINE!

I hope to remember these days of peace and calm.  The simplicity and prioritizing of the day is key.  We are on “homeschool break” right now.  For how long I do not know but for now, we are focusing on “Self Care” – which is each person takes care of their most important needs for the day: getting dressed, making their beds, picking up their rooms, saying their prayers, reading the scriptures, eating breakfast, helping with the dishes/dishwasher, laundry, and a family chore.  They are also to practice their instruments and read a GOOD book.

After that, they are free to ENJOY their day.  Limited screen time is in force because the kids need their minds to be at rest, not plugged in.  They need to PLAY and enjoy reconnecting.  The older two have been away for a month and the younger two have been alone with mom.  They need to remember HOW to be siblings again.  This is a good time to be a mom.  I am enjoying this very much.  I am TRULY GRATEFUL that I have this opportunity.  I am also TRULY GRATEFUL that I allowed this to happen in my life.  Being a wife and mother truly is living my own dream come true.

Thanks for listening,

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