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Post #3 – Questions about Homeschooling your kids . . .

We are about to embark on YEAR 3 of Homeschool.


WHAT ?!?!  How did that happen so fast?


Well, it does.  Our kids are growing every day and just as a year can fly by while you are having fun, it can fly by just as fast when you are miserable.  Our family STRUGGLED each year in public school.  No matter how many “teacher talks” I had, I just couldn’t get my kids to “fit into the system.”  So when homeschooling was presented to me, although it TERRIFIED ME, it TRULY has been an answer to SO MANY TEARFUL, HEART BREAKING prayers.


No, this isn’t for everyone, nor should it be expected to be.  But if YOU are searching for some help or encouragement or some time tested, heartfelt parents with AMAZING values and efforts made into loving and developing their family, I recommend you check out this video.


The Knorpp family is AMAZING.  I feel like Meghan is a sister from a previous life, which I do believe in by the way.  I feel very grateful to have randomly found them one day while I was recovering from my surgery last year (I was researching the tiny house movement on YouTube – now THAT is a unique life!).  Yes, this family was living in an RV with 9 children and now they are off to tour the world.   And yes, I wish I could follow their path . . . maybe one day (wink, wink), but for now, I totally relate to what they are sharing on their YouTube channel and I also LOVE living vicariously through their adventures, which gives me the courage to GO OUT AND LIVE MY OWN!


If you have any questions, concerns, awesome/helpful suggestions to homeschooling, please feel free to leave a comment below.  If you don’t agree with this, that is okay, but please don’t leave mean comments.  No good comes from trying to tear down or destroy other people’s desires and passions.  I respect your life, please respect mine.


Live each day as if it was your last week on earth, it totally changes your perspective.  

Thanks as always for listening,

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