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Post #5 – Good Morning!

Good Morning!  Look what I woke up to today . . .

That’s right, breakfast in bed!

Oh how I adore this young woman!

It has been a privilege and an honor to be her mother.  There are days that I honestly feel that she teaches me just as much as I could ever teach her.  I am truly blessed to know Ginger Snap and to be someone her Father in Heaven has called for her to serve.

Not only did she make us all breakfast in bed (I can hear rattling on the stairs, so I think she is bringing everyone breakfast in bed) but she has been up since 5 am and was so bored that she did ALL the chores that she could think of that needed to be done.

WHAT?!?! I don’t have to do chores today!

That’s right!  She did all the sweeping, mopping, bathrooms, and dishes that she could get her hands on.  What a gift to wake up to this morning, especially since last night was such a rough night.  Paul pulled his back as he was getting out of the car last night.  He came into the house and tried to relax it, but as the night wore on the pain and discomfort only grew worse.

On top of having a pulled back muscle, Paul has been battling a pretty nasty case of the stomach flu.  He ate one meal on Sunday and one meal on Monday.  He was starting to feel like he could eat something again but then he pulled his back.  If you don’t know back pain, well, lets just say it takes any desire to eat right out of you.

On top of having this physical discomfort, we were invited to attend FHE wth a family in our ward.  Paul had also invited a different family to come to our house, but we couldn’t get our schedules to match up.  Paul felt torn with what to do.  Should he stay home and rest or should we attend the FHE invitation we had been extended.  He asked my advice and I told him simply, “Where does the Lord need us to be?”

Now, this wasn’t a guilt trip.  If the Lord needed Paul to stay home and rest, than we needed to stay home so he could rest.  But if the Lord needed Paul up on his feet, being able to support the FHE invitation we received, then we should do that.  The answer was with Paul and he chose for us to go to FHE at Nelson, Grace and AnaLucia’s home.  I’m grateful we did.

Ironically, the other family that we had invited to come to our house, but we could match up our schedules with, came to our home anyway.  So Paul brought the family to Nelson’s home too.  We enjoyed a very powerful lesson on “Our Refined Heavenly Home,” taught by my newly gifted sacrament meeting translator from Honduras, Nevin Sierra.  He did a wonderful job. Joy Boy and I followed the lesson along in English on my phone.  I felt that the lesson was exactly what we, as a family, needed to hear in preparation for our new Homeschool Year beginning next Tuesday, August 1st, 2017.

We came home, read the remaining 3 columns for the day for our Book of Mormon Challenge given to us by our Bishop to read the entire Book of Mormon in 6 months. Then we immediately went to bed.  Poor Paul was in tremendous pain.  He suffered greatly, even after having taken a muscle relaxant and using a heating pad.  He finally got up and took an Ibuprofen (something we rarely do because of how harsh they are on our stomachs).  He said he FINALLY slept, but not before getting a terrible case of the chills.  I felt he should stay home and rest today, especially since today is a holiday in Costa Rica (annexation of Guanacaste), but he said he slept well and should go to work (he is preparing for an audit – fun for him!).

My sweet, hard working, faithful, loyal husband. Bless his heart, back and stomach. PLEASE.

So here I am, typing away on my laptop, sharing the eventful night we had but feeling immensely grateful for the MANY blessings I am seeing all around me this morning.  I woke to a feeling of peace, tranquility and joy.  Paul and I have some big balls to juggle right now but I am being blessed to not feel their weight.  When I do touch one of them, I try to remember that these balls are just something to do – they aren’t WHO I am. Instead of stressing and worrying over them, I have wonder for them.  I wonder how it will all work out?  Will it turn out the way I feel it will or will these balls lead us to something we still do not know?  I also allow myself hope and excitement for the possibilities but I strive to not create any expectation.  I have decided that I will go and do what the Lord wants us to do and that is all that matters.  He knows what is best for us . . . so why worry about the balls we have to juggle?

As I mentioned before, today is a holiday in Costa Rica, which meant NO SEMINARY this morning.  What a blessing that was for us, after a night like last night.  But the word Seminary seems to be forming a new ball for me to juggle because Ginger Snap is of age next year to take Seminary.  She actually probably could have taken it this year but we didn’t feel prompted to have her start.  I believe that the ball this is forming is my concern for Ginger Snap learning from Seminary, as she does not have command over the Spanish language like El Gringo does.  So I wonder if next year will find me becoming an English Seminary teacher?

Thankfully, no Seminary meant that we could ALL sleep in.  I personally did not wake up until 8:10 am (instead of the usual 4:15 am).  Paul also got to sleep in because I woke up as he was leaving. I realized this morning just how much we are being protected and aided in our journey on earth.  Our Father in Heaven loves us and He honors us when we obey Him.  He WANTS to bless us.  Without Paul being sick the last few nights, I don’t know that I would have enjoyed this special morning.  Oh how blessed we truly are – if only we would pray to have the eyes to see how much!

Before I wrap up, I read this Latter Day Light Daily Devotional Quote by Joseph Smith this morning and I wanted to post it on Facebook but remembered that I am not using Facebook to share my testimony anymore – instead I am putting the energy I used on Facebook into this blog.  No more surfing Facebook, spending countless hours a week looking at “A MOMENT” in someone else’s life, when I should be making moments in my own life.  I should also be sharing the joy that I feel in those moments WITH those that matter most, my own posterity.  So that is why I am not on Facebook, in case you have been wondering.

“You cannot be too good. Patience is heavenly, obedience is noble, forgiveness is merciful, and exaltation is godly; and he that holds out faithful to the end shall in no wise lose his reward. A good man will endure all things to honor Christ, and even dispose of the whole world, and all in it, to save his soul” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, p. 356).

I LOVED this quote this morning because it tied beautifully in with the FHE lesson that we were invited to participate in last night.  I need to take some time this week and truly re-read the article from FHE, in conjunction with this quote, and ponder WHO I want to be.  I have so much to still learn and do on this earth, which gives me the MOST AMAZING feeling to be able to be alive.

I feel blessed now to have had that major surgery last year and even though my body has changed so much, almost as if I am looking at a stranger in the mirror each day, I FEEL AMAZING!  I am realizing more and more that there is SO MUCH MORE TO ME than what I glance at in the mirror.  The more I pray to see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me, the more I grow to love myself from within – thus being strengthened to not worry about what others see at first glance.  I am more than a reflection in a looking glass – I am a Daughter of God!  And THAT is real power!

Thanks for listening,

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