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Post #35 – That made me cry!

I have been working hard the last few days to complete this . . .

My depiction of: Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen (1813 – 1886) “Das Lesende Madchen” or “Girl Reading”

Here is the original . . .

I think I started this piece on Monday and finished it today (Thursday).  I thoroughly enjoyed putting this piece together . . .

First I started with what was up close.  I felt I could control the drawing better this way.

Before I tackled the face, I worked on what was in the background.

Next I worked on the detail of the girl’s clothing and body, still apprehensive to work on the girl’s most important feature – her face.

I finally took the plunge and attempted to sketch her head and face.  Boy was I nervous.

Then I started to darken the drawing and add more detail.

But I didn’t like her face.

I then pulled up a larger image of the original and noticed some details I had been missing, like the cloak hanging from a hook on the shelf.

And that the girl was more in a corner, rather than up against a wall.  I also worked on her face again.

Until FINALLY I felt I was finished.

Her face is nothing like the girl in the original. My sketch is more “A Young Woman Reading” and even more so, I felt I could see my own oldest daughter’s face in this drawing.  It touched my heart deeply.  I felt it was a gift to me, especially at this time in our lives when we are feeling like we are losing so much, for we really are not losing anything of true value.  Things can be replaced but people, your family, they are PRICELESS.

Jan Zoetelief Tromp, Katwijk Bennen

I was so moved by this unprecedented experience that I felt I should look for more paintings to sketch.  I found this treasure.  It spoke to my mother’s heart.  This one will be for me.  I’m really excited.

I already sketched a painting last week with Paul in mind . . .

Leon-Augustin L’hermitte ~  “The Reaper’s Child”

Now I felt I needed to find a painting for each child, something that I felt spoke to me about being their mother.  So I visited this WONDERFUL site that shares so many ideas on HOW to teach your children about the beauty in the world through art, literature and music.  It is called Libraries of Hope.  You can find a full library of art to look at by going to their dropdown menu and choosing the tab Resources, then Fine Art Images.  You will be given a wide variety of choices to choose from.

Each tab will direct you to a Pinterest Board of images for that section.  This art is rich in character, beauty and truth.  I personally love the way it makes me feel about myself.  EVERYONE is different from one another.  No magazine dolls, no digital airbrushing.  These are REAL PEOPLE living REAL LIVES.

I found Paul’s painting under “Dads.”  I found Kayleigh’s painting under “Reading.”  I decided to look under “Moms” and that is where I found my next painting shown above.  I was intrigued, so I continued to browse the “Mom” section on Pinterest and found exactly what I was looking for.

George Bernard O’Neill ~ “Under the Mistletoe”

I first came upon this painting and immediately thought of Curly Cook.  This is how she greets me when I have been gone for the day, but the painting didn’t represent the beauty I see in her.  Instead I found this next painting.

Albert Neuhuys (Albert Neuhuys) ~ “The Knitting Lesson”

I ADORE this sweet painting.  Not only the simple colors (even though I will sketch with gray pencil – maybe I’ll try colored pencil?), but I LOVE the little girl’s curly hair.  That is Curly Cook to a “T” when she was that little.  I also love the WAY the mother is speaking to the little girl.  That is how I FEEL I spoke with her when she was that little.  I want to capture that moment and hold onto it forever.  I’m excited to sketch this painting sooner than later.

Harry Roseland ~ “The Light of the Home”

Next I found the sweetest painting for Joy Boy.  Oh how I love the name of this painting, I think it describes him perfectly.  I hope he enjoys this painting as much as I do.  Maybe I will have to find some colored pencils afterall.  Look at the AMAZING colors in this painting.  Hum, something to think about.

Evert Pieters ~ “Spring Sunshine”

This painting completely describes GingerSnap perfectly.  She has ALWAYS been my little helper with the younger children, all while trying to learn everything she can from all the mothers around her.  I love the example this shows of her and how I feel about her in my life.  She is dependable, trustworthy, loyal and selfless.  I hope she enjoys this sketch as much as I will.

Florence A. Saltmer ~ “Wake Up You Lazy Boy”

Next is the painting I found for El Gringo.  I don’t like the title of this painting but I feel the painting TOTALLY describes my journey with El Gringo.  He is not lazy, rather innocent and sweet tempered but I do feel that this painting shows how I hard I have had to work to find El Gringo when I needed him most.  Yet when I did find him, he was usually doing the most innocent things – like sleeping or pretending quietly to himself.  I hope he will smile when I show the finished sketch to him, especially the way the mother is posed in this painting.  I love El Gringo.  He has grown so much over the past 5 years.  I now feel I can depend on him and I now see him as one of the people working in the field, rather than the one that is fast asleep.  He just needed a bit more time to bloom.  Thanks for all your hard work El Gringo!  It is noticed and VERY MUCH appreciated!

George Adolphus Storey ~ “Porridge Time”

I had to laugh and save this painting when I saw it.  This COMPLETELY reminds me of our Family Devotional time each morning.  Even though the kiddos are different ages, they ALL act like little children when they need to “eat” their daily dose of healthy thoughts and feelings.  I will draw this in honor of what I am striving to do for them with homeschool and in preparing them for their best future.

Joseph Arpad Koppay ~ “Mother’s Sweetheart”

My ULTIMATE GOAL would be to copy this painting.  It is a true work of art in my eyes.  Just look at the flowers and trees.  Oh how do you create something like this.  But most importantly, how do you capture the closeness between the mother and child.  If I could accomplish this, it would be true rapture.

Thomas Benjamin Kennington ~ “Homeless”

Then I came across this painting.  At first I just stopped for a moment and shrugged off the painting, as if it was not worth looking at . . . but I had the most intense feeling that I was missing something.  So I went back to the painting and just stared at it for a moment.  I was immediately overcome with immense and tragic feelings.  This wasn’t something to walk past or ignore, THIS WAS REAL!

So much today is depicted as tragic or heart breaking when it is not.  But THIS, THIS IS TRAGIC.  This poor boy is either so sick or so hungry that he has collapsed on the wet and cold sidewalk.  He is weak and he can’t go any farther.  But his mother isn’t screaming for attention or freaking out in distress.  She is humble, quiet, gentle and meek.  How is she so present with him?

Because they have both been suffering for a VERY long time.  This is patience in its finest moment.

THIS is a moment worth stopping for.  This isn’t pretend.  This is someone who is past the moment of despair and now is needing a miracle.  Would you be willing to help make a miracle happen?  Or would you just walk by?

This was a question I had to sit for a very long time and ask myself, over and over again.

I had to sit and deeply ponder this painting for quite awhile, so much so I felt an urge to blog about it because I didn’t want to forget THIS moment.  Of all the joy and splendor I wanted to capture with my own little ones, would I be so vain, so selfish, as to walk by another mother NEEDING assistance after ALL she could do?  Would I be too wrapped up in myself and my life and my needs to ignore an opportunity to help her?  These thoughts made me cry.  I pray I will not walk on by.  I pray all that I that know will not walk by either.  I pray we will ALL be an answer to someone else’s prayer for a miracle.

THAT is the POWER of art.  It has the POWER to not only move a person to change but to enact change.  I will forever be hopeful to not pass by someone in so great a need because of seeing this ONE painting.  Stopping to see if I can help in some way is the LEAST I could do.  May the world of quick handouts, lies and fear of helping others be muted as we truly feel touched to help the one in need.

That is my deepest prayer and oh how grateful I am to have art to teach this message, not only to my own children, but to myself.  I pray I will act correctly if this ever happens to me.  I really hope I do.

Thanks for listening,


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