Month: November 2017

#59 – Life.

I really try not to complain too much but I want this to be here for me in the future.  Things don’t feel so great right now with our “bowling balls” that are up in the air (house, black car, future goals).  My hope is that things REALLY WILL get better sooner than later.  As my friend says, “It always… Read more →

#58 – The Start of Something New . . .

After a yummy dinner of Ritz Oven Fried Chicken Fingers and The Food Nanny’s Carrot Cake (with crunchy homemade powdered sugar in the frosting – sorry Paul) for dessert, GingerSnap taught our Family Home Evening lesson.   She shared a sweet story by President Henry B. Eyring about how we can show our love for Jesus this time of year.  Then she… Read more →

#54 – Flowers of Sympathy

Last Saturday GingerSnap and I put this beautiful arrangement of flowers together for our Thanksgiving table.  Curly Cook picked the flowers out for me while we were at the Cenada that morning with Paul.  (The Cenada is a large farmer’s market for the local fruit & veggie trucks, restaurants and locals who want fresh produce.) Our table looks AMAZING and… Read more →

#53 – Thank you for your help!

Today’s post is dedicated to some AMAZING helping hands that are in my life right now:   Raisa and Nevin Sierra, and their sweet daughter Sofia Barbara Harlan Marlene Sparks Sheila Reed Shayla McCune Allison Owen Heidi Garner Stephanie Quiros and Mathew Carrasco, and their son Isaac David Galloso Spencer Stahle   The last 7 months of my life have… Read more →

#52 – Family is Most Precious

Today has turned out to be a pretty good day.   Lately I have been waking up with an almost dreaded feeling.  I dislike this feeling GREATLY!  It is no stranger to my life, so I try not to panic when it greets me with its disturbing “Good Mourning”. (Yes, I spelled that correctly) I choose whether this feeling GETS… Read more →