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#51 – Days like today . . .

I LOVE days like today.

Days when you are fraught with issues you don’t know how to solve but you allow faith to take charge of your day, giving you the strength to not only take care of yourself (productive exercise, stretch, hot shower and a healthy lunch) but take care of those around you too.

Like whipping up a Relief Society announcement on my SmartPhone (without being asked to, I might add).  The Relief Society President LOVED it.  Extra bonus!

I made an ALL-VEGGIE soup for lunch and shared it with the kids.

Me: “Do you like it Joy Boy?”

Joy Boy: “Not so much, Mom. . . Sorry.”

Poor Curly Cook REALLY didn’t like it.  I had to make a deal with her that she could take out the zucchini IF she would finish her bowl of soup.  She ate it all up but her face sure says it all.

Not even GingerSnap, who likes almost everything that I do, didn’t like it.  Thankfully I had a wild card up my sleeve.

BEFORE I served the soup, I made a batch of our family’s favorite bread dough.  I made two pans of dinner rolls and one pan of cinnamon rolls.

Mary Poppins did say that “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!”  The rolls did the trick!

Sadly, they have to wait until dinner to eat the cinnamon rolls.  It is Scrambled Eggs with Steamed Zucchini (sorry Curly Cook) and Fruit Smoothies night and nothing goes better with this meal than homemade cinnamon rolls!


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