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#52 – Family is Most Precious

Today has turned out to be a pretty good day.


Lately I have been waking up with an almost dreaded feeling.  I dislike this feeling GREATLY!  It is no stranger to my life, so I try not to panic when it greets me with its disturbing “Good Mourning”. (Yes, I spelled that correctly) I choose whether this feeling GETS to be a part of my day.  Thankfully, prayer helps me to set myself on the best path for me each day.

I am so grateful for Paul’s example.  He is the one who has taught me that prayer is POWERFUL.  He wakes up and immediately rolls onto his knees.  Then he is off to take a wake-up shower.  He amazes me with his attitude and willingness to obey his alarm and get up, even if he had a terrible night’s rest.  I am truly grateful to be married to this wonderful man.

Recently I have added a new part to my day.  I forget where I got the idea for this but it hit me so strongly that I have been implementing it for over a week and I am really liking the results.

These are my daily alarms.  I strive to wake up at 5 a.m. and start my day with prayer.  I also say prayers over my breakfast and lunch.  I say prayers with my family at scripture time, morning and night, and at any meals I share with them.  I also will pray with my children during Family Devotional each weekday.  That is A LOT of praying.  My kids agree that “pray oft” really means to pray often during the day.  But as you can see, I have 2 additional alarms set.


These alarms are reminders for me to pray two more times during the day.


2 more times?  I know, it seems a bit much when first presented but after having done it for over a week, I can honestly tell you that these 2 additional prayers have been just the “time outs” that I have needed to help me through my day.


With these new alarms, I have found that I have been caught up in helping my kids all morning, not really getting a good start to my day, and then the 10 a.m. alarm will go off.  I then try to immediately find a quiet place and say a prayer.  In those few minutes of “time-out” with my Father in Heaven, I get re-grounded, re-directed and re-inspired to fulfill the day that I had been distractedly living.


Or, I get wrapped up in watching just one more YouTube video in the lazy/more quiet afternoons, causing me to be disoriented or overly focused, and then the alarm will go off.  All of a sudden I am reminded of the REAL things I wanted to do with the rest of my day and that “I” have my own life to still live.  I am able to turn off my technology immediately, say a sincere prayer and finish up the rest of my day.  I am finding that by adding these two “time-out” prayers, my days (no matter how hum-drum or typical they may be) they are fulfilling.


Speaking of fulfilling, my kids are loving my “knock-off Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas”.

They have been a real lifesaver this week, since not having a family car is proving to be more than a frustration.  We needed a bit of spice and these helped provide just the right flavor.


To make your own “knock-off Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas”: First purchase your favorite baguette or french bread.  Slice it horizontally and place on a baking sheet.  Bake at 475 degrees until the bread is lightly toasted.  Spread your favorite tomato sauce or salsa.  Top with your favorite toppings, sprinkle with cheese, and put the bread back into the oven for about 8 – 10 minutes or until your cheese is melted and slightly toasted.   ** I like to put my bread on parchment paper or aluminum foil.  It helps make a fast clean-up.

Today we accompanied our tasty pizza with Summer Corn Chowder soup.  GingerSnap LOVES this soup and since we are missing the colder months, soup seems to be really tasty to us all.  GingerSnap said I should have taken a picture of it in a bowl, but I thought the colors looked better against the silver pot.  It is quick to make and a yummy explosion of flavors.  I hope you will give it a try.

One more fulfilling item to share is this wonderful General Conference talk that I listened to tonight.  I was encouraged to listen to it by NieNie Dialogues.  I loved the Spirit I felt during the talk and really enjoyed the message that was shared about the POWER of families and how fulfilling they can be.  I especially enjoyed this opening quote:


Strong family relationships don’t just happen.  It takes time.  It takes commitment, it takes prayer, and it takes work.


I must admit that I have been questioning our move to Costa Rica for the last week.  It happens from time to time, but it has been especially hard on me lately because I have been anxious to learn more about our future.  Wondering if what is in store will help our family with what they need most.  


Thankfully, after listening to this talk, I realized that it doesn’t matter where you live or how similar you life looks to others around you, as long as you are doing what you feel in your heart and minds you are supposed to do.  Moving to Costa Rica has actually brought us immeasurable blessings.  The most being our family learning to work together, being at times all that each other has for now and being okay with that, and most of all . . . learning to rely on the Lord and trust in His Plan for us all.

I am truly grateful for the HUGE changes we have made since moving here.  My most grateful change is daily scripture reading as a family (even on those tough days that reading isn’t so much fun).  I have a good life.  I pray I will appreciate it more than I have been. 

Thanks for listening,




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