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#60 – Throwback Thursday . . . January 2015

I am not a Techie


One thing I tell the kids constantly is that if anything happened to their Dad, all technology would be destroyed in our home because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT, back it up, or even make it work effortlessly.


Especially my laptop.


I got an alert this morning that I am running out of storage space.  Wonderful.  But I thought, “Come on Wendi.  You can at least TRY to figure this out.”  But without wanting to really mess things up for Paul, I decided to choose the least harmful choice I was given and that was to declutter what I was saving.


As I looked through the largest files that I have stored on my laptop, I not only came across videos I never even knew my kiddos made, but an old “post” that I made of our family transitioning from Utah to Costa Rica and I thought it would be fun to share it.  So here goes . . . 


Whitchurch Family Newsletter – January 2015:

As many of you know, we had a VERY BUSY month of January.  We had our ups and our downs but we made it through and we made it because of FAMILY!  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see what our month looked like:

Finishing touches to our home so we could rent it  – who knew you could paint a house in the winter?  Had to be done in order for insurance to insure it as a landlord policy.  Packing up our home and putting EVERYTHING into a container to send to Costa Rica.  It was a BIG JOB but we had MANY loving hands to help get us through!!

See you later container . . . hopefully in awhile crocodile!
What do you do with leftover plastic wrap?  You wrap up your MOST PRECIOUS valuables!!
Last night in bed!

After a HURRIED move out of our home, we moved in with Wendi’s brother Chris for 19 days.  The kids enjoyed being out of school (while all their friends had to return to “normal”).  We spent our days doing a few last minute “bucket items” before we left Utah.  Each kiddo made a list and we made sure to get them all checked off before the big day. 

El Gringo:  Stake YM/YW Ice Skating Activity, Sleepover with his cousin, pick up his forgotten scriptures in his Seminary class, visit a trampoline park (he ended up going to 3 total). and hang out with the YM in our ward (the YM planned a party for him at the Wairhouse, complete with pizza). Check!

Cafe Rio with bestie and her sister.

GingerSnap: Kidnap her best-friend (and sister) from school for a fun lunch date to Cafe Rio and then to see “Annie” (the theater was empty until a bunch of grandmas and grandpas joined them – they loved the attention!), jump at a trampoline park, 1 last night with her best-friend’s family, and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Whitchurch (curiosity museum & many dinners). Check!

We happened to be at Scheel’s, saying good-bye to some friends, when GingerSnap asked if she could have her picture taken with “her gun!”  Funny girl!  We also got to see one of Paul’s cousins, Sarah Whitchurch, at the food counter!

Joy Boy:  Classic Fun Center with his cousins, go to a trampoline park, visit with his school teacher who broke her neck and back the first week of December, have one last playdate with a few classmates, eat at Cafe Rio, finish his Dyslexia Correction training, say good-bye to as many people as he could and hopefully get over his hives (fortunately he did!).     Check!

**  The Sweetest story – one of Joy Boy’s classmates, Chloe, told her mom that she needed to throw Joy Boy a going-away party. The mother felt they could and emailed us about the possibility.  It was the same day as Curly Cook’s birthday party, but Wendi felt strongly they should give it a go!  Thank Heavens!  Joy Boy was missing his classmates SO MUCH already.  On our way to his surprise party, he said, “Mom, if only I could say good-bye to my classmates.  I could just say good-bye to one, even though I wish I could say it to all of them.”  I was so tickled when he rang the door and everyone opened the door and yelled, “Surprise!”  He was so happy to see everyone that he didn’t even know the party was for him, until he looked up and saw the sign –


He felt so grateful!  So did the rest of our family.  The kids enjoyed a full size bounce house in Chloe’s living room, soaking in the hot tub and pizza!  It was a 7 year old’s dream come true!  Heavenly Father truly does work miracles and does it through others!  **

Curly Cook’s Kindergarten teacher, Miss Stonehocker, surprised Curly Cook @ her b-day party @ the neighborhood swimming pool!

Curly Cook:  Go ice skating with her new skates, go to a trampoline park, have a birthday party, spend one-on-one time with her friend Sunny (she also got to kidnap Sunny and Sunny’s mom took them to McDonald’s and then to their house to play), have dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house AGAIN (she LOVED the first time and kept asking to go back), go out to eat as many times as we could (and that was A LOT!), see Grandma and Grandpa Wardle, say good-bye to Uncle Brad and see her school teacher one last time.  Check!


Paul: rent the house, finish up any last projects that needed to be done to move, sell both cars, obtain all documentation needed to get work visas in Costa Rica, entertain a friend/college visiting from Costa Rica the week before we moved ourselves (snowboarding, visiting the Museum of Natural History, tour of temple square – complete with watching “Meet the Mormons” @ the JSM building), join family ice skating, day of fun with Grandma & Grandpa Whitchurch @ Curiosity Museum (and also try out the ropes course with El Gringo and GingerSnap), try to sleep, try to not stress, clean up the “2 days before we move” flood of our basement with the renters there, make time to visit with family & friends while tackling a mile long to-do list, packing 18 duffles bags/large suitcases/6 carry-on suitcases, trumpet, guitar, 4 backpacks, 2 child carry-on suitcases and a CPAP machine, book 6 first-class tickets with all of his upgrade certificates so each member of the family had a turn flying first class during one of our flights, plan a family trip to do sealings in the SL temple, be a grateful man and wonderful husband and father.    Check!


Wendi: stay calm and pray that everything that needs to get done will get done and anything that doesn’t get done can either wait or ends up not needing to be done.  She really wanted the cars sold BEFORE they left for Costa Rica.  Miracle of miracles, Wendi’s dearest friends who moved to Texas 3 1/2 years ago, called the Monday night before we left for Costa Rica and offered to buy our black SUV.  It was a shock but it felt right for all involved.  The next day proved to support that feeling because the car was purchased WITHOUT keys in owner’s hands (big deal for a lender) and a check was put in our hands just 30 minutes before our credit union closed.  We couldn’t have picked a better family to own our vehicle.  We hope they create as many wonderful memories with it, as we did!  Wendi was blessed to have so many family and friends love and support her through this HUGE change.  We truly felt blessed each day that we had left in Utah!  But in all honesty, she did have a bucket list: eat at Cafe Rio one “last” time and ended up eating there 3 times, visit with her dearest friend Jenny, see each of her 3 brother’s and her dad before she left, visit/say good-bye to dear neighbors & ward members, have a family picture taken by a dear friend who just happened to be visiting from Texas (not the ones who bought our car) and keep it together to be there to support the rest of their family & their bucket lists.  Check!

On the 21st of January (Curly Cook’s 6th birthday), we flew to San Jose, Costa Rica.  We were welcomed warmly by our new neighborhood and ward.  We are definitely experiencing a “transitionary phase” but school is only a week away & life must go on.  We again are so very grateful for ALL of the support & love we have received during this HUGE change in our family’s lives.  We have experienced the wonderful gift of God’s love for us – because His love came through each of YOU!  Internet is still “on its way!”  So please be patient with us as we work out some bugs and adjust to living outside of the United States.  All our LOVE to YOU!

Paul, Wendi, El Gringo, GingerSnap, Joy Boy and Curly Cook 🙂  

“The Whitchurch’s say THANK U!” 

To see our weekly blog, check us out at  It “should be” up every Monday. 


Well, there it is.  I’ll be honest, posting this has brought about a mix of emotions.  I have had a surge of excitement all the way down to the crashing of our hopes and dreams.  I have smiled and I have cried.  I have even felt anger.  In some ways I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing this . . . but then I pause and feel ALL that I have learned about myself while living here.  I’m am completely torn inside.  Literally. 

I miss having a safe place to lay my head, a safe arm to cry upon, a safe community to surround myself in and still be able to be me.  Is there really even a place?

Thanks for listening,

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  • Allison Owen

    I loved reading this! I feel bad I didn’t even help when you moved! I’m glad you can see the way your lives have been blessed as you have followed the Lords plan for you, even though it’s been hard! Love you!

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