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#61 – Love comes in many forms

I had a REALLY hard day on Tuesday.  So hard, I wasn’t in the mood to be nice with anyone.  My sweet kids took the cue and gave me space.  I am so thankful that they can do that, that they can be selfless and think of others.  So much so, that the youngest 2 made me these . . .

This one is from Joy Boy,

and this one is from Curly Cook.

The day was rough for me but went smoothly for the kids.  GingerSnap was in bed for the second day with a cold, so she slept most of the day.  But the other 3 got their school work done with enough time to not only build a fort . . . (THANKS EL GRINGO!!  You hit a homerun today.  I REALLY appreciated you spending time with the 2 littles.)

but the kids got to also watch a movie as a CONGRATULATIONS to Joy Boy for completing the next level in his Jenny Phillips The Good and The Beautiful homeschool curriculum.   

“Cars 3”

I am grateful for tender mercies.  That day felt as if it was going to swallow me up whole.  Thankfully my kids were blessed to take care of themselves and thrive, while I survived.  On days like that day, it can be difficult to look for the joy in the day but in reality, it saved me.  Knowing that they were supporting me helped me know that they are growing and developing into good people.  I do hope things are good for them, that they have all the help they need.  They are the most wonderful children.  Paul and I are truly blessed.

Thanks for listening,

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