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#67 – “The Russian Circus on Ice”

Boy did we have a busy Saturday.


From the start of the day we hit the ground running.  El Gringo had his second ACT Test @ The Lincoln School Campus (30 – 45 minutes from here, depending on traffic).  Then Joy Boy and Curly Cook had a crash course Primary Program rehearsal/Fe en Dios Pizza and Splash Party from 9 to 12.  

I helped make the pizza.  I thankfully had par-baked the crusts because the church oven was S*L*O*W to melt the cheese.  It took over an hour to melt the cheese on 4 pizzas, one pizza at a time.  These are the days that I am SO GRATEFUL for the ovens that I have had in my life.  We are so blessed to be raised with the modern conveniences that we have.  Especially a fully functioning church kitchen – complete with hot water, refrigerator and dumpster to throw your garbage into.  We have non of these luxuries in our churches here.

The kids gobbled up all 4 pizzas after having a blast soaking each other with their Primary leaders . . . during an outdoor wedding behind the church.  Yes, DURING A WEDDING!  That is life here.  Our ward/Stake building is the church located behind the temple, so EVERYONE wants to use our building for their civil wedding before they can be sealed in the temple.  It makes days like having a Primary Program practice/party VERY interesting.

El Gringo got a ride home from his ACT Test with his best friend Isabelle.  She is AMAZING and is on her way to the United States.  El Gringo is going to miss her tons but we hope they can continue their LONG TALKS no matter where she or El Gringo may live.

While I lent my kitchen for the Relief Society counselors to prepare our Relief Society dinner that evening, Paul and the kiddos dashed over to a co-worker’s Christmas Party.  Once the food was picked up, I grabbed a ride via Uber to the church to help set up for the dinner.  As I waited for my Uber driver to arrive, I enjoyed the view from my condo entrance. Just look at that cotton candy sky.  Costa Rica’s sky lines are so beautiful!

When I arrived at the church, I was relieved to find that ALL the benches that had been moved out of the chapel for the wedding, had already been moved back into the chapel.  I honestly thought that I was going to be moving these benches all on my own.  Thankfully, the sweet husbands of the Relief Society Presidency moved them for us.  We had a LOVELY night playing a few fun games: Repollo (cabbage in Spanish – like “Hot Potato”) and Pictionary/Actionary, we had a sweet message given by our Primary President Cinthia (boy was she busy that day as well!) and then we ate Spanish Tortilla with a green salad and Tres Leches for dessert.  Yum! 

While I was at my activity, I got the cutest picture from my family!  Aren’t they adorable!

Paul surprised the kids and took them to see “The Russian Circus on Ice.”

The kids said it was really cool, despite the fact that the performers were wearing very little clothing – like bikinis for men and women.  But they looked past it and tried to focus on what these performers were trying to share with them.  At one point El Gringo had the spotlight on him and the clown asked him to participate.  He LOVED it.  GingerSnap loved the “Hulla-hoop Cowgirl”.  Joy Boy loved the clowns and Curly Cook liked the Tarzan and Jane act.

I barely made it home in time to take a shower and rest a few minutes before everyone else came piling into my bedroom to tell me of the adventures they had had.  It was a good day; a great day.  We went to bed exhausted and sometimes that is a GREAT feeling, because that means we actually went somewhere and did something out of the norm, which can be nice.

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