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#73 – A Homemade “Super Saturday!”

Do you ever wake up with an expectation in the air and then the day kind of goes a direction you hadn’t planned?

Well, that was today for me.

With Paul off to the amusement park for his company Christmas party (fun idea huh!  This is the room they used for lunch time and the company raffle.  Nice!) I felt free to use the day as I pleased.  It was Saturday, so I knew we had NO SCHOOL WORK and NO other commitments, other than a baptism that night.  I also looked at our family calendar and realized that today had to be the day to wrap caramels, but I didn’t want to do that until later in the afternoon.  At least after lunch.

So with the morning “free,” I decided to sit myself down and have my own little “Super Saturday.”  Brunch was provided which included orange juice and egg salad sandwiches.  YUM!

The first project I tackled were the cinnamon applesauce ornaments.  

The were a bit sharp and rough around the edges, so we used a nail filer to soften them up.

It worked like a charm, until I accidentally broke one of the arms off a gingerbread man.

While I worked on the ornaments, GingerSnap made herself an ocean in a jar.  It turned out SUPER cute!

She also finished painting and decorating her new flower vase and pencil cup.  I told her that we were having our own “Super Saturday” and she asked what that was.  As I explained that it was an activity that I used to have back in Utah with the women in our neighborhood where we would get together on a Saturday and make all sorts of gifts, cards, Christmas tags and foods to help us be ready for Christmas,  I got a bit homesick.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I had GingerSnap bring in some holiday music for us to enjoy and asked her to pull up a chair, so we could have our own fun!

While GingerSnap took over sanding our ornaments, I moved onto the “Old Ornament Repairing Class.”  I simply hot glued a few wooden ornaments that had fallen onto our tile floor.  That makes 4 ornaments that have been broken this year. 

Thankfully they were all fixable and had no permanent damage!

Next I moved onto making the tags for our Neighbor Gifts.  With GingerSnap finished with the ornaments, I needed to get to work on assembling the tags.

I decided to pull off the “extra pass-a-long card” from the missionaries gift sacks (since they have their own at home) and put them with our neighbor tags.  This created a bit of a glittery mess all over our ornaments which added a nice touch to them.  

GingerSnap didn’t want to waste one ornament, so she came up with this SUPER CUTE idea – the story of the Gingerbread Man.  We decided to make it our “Super Saturday Memory Ornament” and wrote down the memory on the back of the ornament.  We had a GREAT TIME together and it ended just in time for us to have our “CARAMEL WRAPPING DAY!” with the generator.  (wink)

The next day, Sunday, we made pizzelle cookies for the neighbors.  We bagged up the cookies, put on the tag and sent Joy Boy and Curly Cook out to deliver all 19 of them. 

They had a blast and enjoyed eating some pizzelles too! You’ve got to love all that powdered sugar!!  (By the way, thanks Paul for doing the dishes!!!)

The Neighbor gifts turned out SUPER CUTE!!! 

Again, a HUGE THANKS to my friend Shayla!  She donated the Christmas tags and they went beautifully with our Neighbor gifts!  She really did top off almost every gift we gave this year! 70 of them to be exact!  I bet she didn’t think her donation could stretch so far.   

I’ll love remembering this memory as the years go by.  I am TRULY GRATEFUL that we are friends!!  I look back at our time together in Costa Rica and it truly was precious.  I believe we can feel the love God has for us most easily through the ones we love and who love us right back.  


Merry Christmas!






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