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#81 – Spencer saved the Ward Christmas Party!

Friday dawned with a HUGE To-Do List.

Paul stayed home from work that day and used it to repair some things around the home.  It was REALLY nice to see this side of Paul again.

We took Curly Cook on a few errands.  One was to our local “Home Depot” called EPA.  While we were waiting for Paul to find what he needed, we found this unique tool stand.  These are machetes.

They are the number one tool in Latin America and come in all shapes and sizes.  They even have beautiful covers made for them.  I wanted to remember these tools because El Gringo learned about them here.  Paul even has one back in Utah from his time spent growing up in Ecuador.  Maybe we need to get one for El Gringo one day?

As the day progressed, my list started to get crossed off.

Then more was added to it for the weekend.  This is where I usually will start to feel overwhelmed because that night we had our Ward Christmas Party and Paul had asked me to help with the food.  I hadn’t realized that I would be doing ALL the food, but that is what ended up happening.

Thankfully  SUPER SPENCER STAHLE  had come to the rescue Tuesday night.


As I was delivering Christmas gift bags with the kids, Spencer asked me about the ward’s plans for food for the Christmas Party.  I had told him we were planning to do a potato bar and he suggested nachos.  He said they were SUPER easy and that the people would like them.  And he was RIGHT!!!!

So instead of panicking, I was able to put this all together, with the help of my family and a couple sisters in the ward (thanks Priscila and Laura).  Everyone LOVED the food and came back for seconds and thirds.  We served Texas Sheetcake for dessert, sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy.

The room was decorated so nicely.  Well done Nathalie!

And we had a GREAT turn out.  Over 70 people.  That is almost more than attend on Sunday.


Our family sang “Christmas Bells” in a round and the youth sang “Silent Night” to GingerSnap and the Young Men’s President, Nevin, playing on the guitar.  We had fun entertainment given by Nathalie and other members of the ward.  The program was almost an hour and a half, then dinner, then we cleaned up the church so we could go home.

It had been a SUPER LONG day but I wasn’t wiped out . . . because of SUPER SPENCER!  I even had enough energy to ask Paul if we could have a “quick” family Christmas picture in front of the Temple’s lighted Nativity scene. 

It was a FANTASTIC end to a busy day!

Joy Boy took this little gem, right before we hopped into the car to go home.


Thank you Spencer!  You saved the day and our weekend.  Because of you I did not get overwhelmed nor too upset when things got a bit crazy that night.  Because of you, we could really enjoy our entire weekend.  And because of you, we could feel THIS GRATEFUL for your help.  You are AWESOME!  And here’s to you having an “UNBELIEVABLE” New Year!  We love you Spencer!


Thanks for listening,





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