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#82 – Christmas Eve Dinner – Whitti Wendi
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#82 – Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year.

Paul invited a sweet little family to join us for dinner and decided it was time for us to also cook a turkey for our first time.

Because church was only 75 minutes long, we had plenty of time to cook this bird for our 5:30 dinner.  While we enjoyed the smells from the turkey, oh how they are divine, we watched “White Christmas.”

After the movie, I had it all figured out.  We got everything put together for dinner, as a team, and sat down to enjoy our meal in under 90 minutes.  Way to go family!

But first, a picture.  (We are getting much better at taking these.)

After dinner, but before our frozen peppermint dessert, we had a little Nativity pageant with our guests.  All of our kids participated.  It was really a lovely experience.

Before we said good night to our guests, Curly Cook offered a doll she doesn’t play with anymore to their little girl, Krysbell.  Curly Cook has been trying to find a home for this doll for over a year. Tonight she found the perfect home.  This little girl LOVED the doll as much as Curly Cook did when she was her age.  It just felt right.

Before we went off to bed, we had our own little family meeting. I was struggling myself to feel like it was really Christmas Eve, so I showed a few of my favorite LDS videos (* see below)  to help set the mood and then I felt prompted to ask the kids about their concerns for the following day.  Each child had displayed some sort of anxious feelings that the next day wouldn’t be much of a Christmas.  I hurt for them, mostly because this was their 3rd Christmas away from what they had always known – spending time with extended family on Christmas.  

As I shared my thoughts and feelings with them, Curly Cook was the one who piped up and shared her own thoughts and feelings about the next day.  She was inspired to share that it isn’t about the people or the gifts but about Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and how she is going to teach this to her own children too.  I was so proud of her.  I hope this testimony of hers will grow and stay with her forever. 

Then we closed with a family prayer and sent the kiddos off to bed, while Paul and I set things up for the next day.

As I walked up the stairs to go to bed that night, I quickly snapped this photo.  I loved the feeling I felt in this moment, “All is well, and all is bright.”  As Paul and I kneeled to pray, I asked Heavenly Father if he would make up the rest of what Paul and I could not give to our children.  A certain feeling of peace and warmth enveloped my soul.  I knew things would be okay the next day. 

I feel asleep easily and deeply.  I had been blessed with another precious gift – PEACE.


Thanks for listening,


The videos we watched:

“Thanksgiving Daily”

“He is the Gift”

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