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#87 – CTR rings

I am SO COLD!!!

Does that sound funny, coming from Costa Rica?  I have been told that our blood has thinned over the 3 years we have been here, because honestly, this is cold for us.  We have had strong winds blowing through Costa Rica this past month and they happen to be very cold winds for us.  So cold that my toes are freezing right now.

Thankfully my laptop is warm and I have a cup of warm cocoa next to me.  AHHH!

As Joy Boy, Curly Cook and I were kneeling together to have our bedtime family prayer, because El Gringo, GingerSnap and Paul are at the temple for ward temple night, I happened to notice something different about Joy Boy’s scripture case.  

He made zipper pulls with his CTR rings from Primary.  But as I looked closer, I noticed the tiny differences between the two rings. 

One is in Spanish (HLJ) and one is in English (CTR).  Bless his cute little heart.  I asked him who gave him the idea and he said, “I did!  These rings are special to me because they are from when I was a kid.”


I had to laugh because he still IS a kid!


But I’m grateful for this tender reminder.  At the end of a long, blustery, cold day, all I wanted to do is curl up and try to find something to watch, instead of read my scriptures and do those things that I should have made time to do earlier today.  I’m grateful that in moments of weakness, we can be reminded from the tiniest of things what is most important.


So, I’m off to study my scriptures, even though it is proving to be a bit difficult for me because we just finished reading the Book of Mormon in 6 months, as a family and individually.  Now I feel no rush to start reading it all over again.  Thankfully we just started the challenge where we were with the family, instead of starting from the beginning, but even family scripture time is looking to be a bit of a struggle.  People don’t seem as  interested. 


I guess it is time to change things up!!


For me, I think I am going to check out the Institute Manuals on my Gospel Library app and see if I can study the Book of Mormon with its help.  I have already started a class called, “Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel”, so maybe the Book of Mormon manual will be a good help as well.   I also have a desire to read the Old Testament and it just so happens to be what we are studying this year in Sunday School.  I also would like to finish studying the Doctrine and Covenants, something I didn’t do while I was rushing to complete the Book of Mormon Challenge. 


So much to learn, how to juggle it all.


As for our family, any suggestions?  I think we need to start discussing what we are reading more.  Are there any suggestions or aids out there to help a family learn to study the gospel together?  Especially with a family of teenagers, down to an almost 9 year old?


Thanks for listening,


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