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#90 – Throwback Thursday . . . I Love GingerSnap!

This kid, what would I do without her in my life?

(GingerSnap on a daddy-daughter date to see the new “Jumanji” – she LOVED IT!)

I honestly do not want to know.  She has blessed my life immensely, especially over the past 2 years.  Just the other morning she excitedly showed me what she had created the night before at Young Women’s (a class for girls, 12-18, that she participates in EVERY week in our church).

I was tickled to watch and listen as she explained the FULL process of how she created this fun project with one of her Young Women leaders, Hermana Vanessa Uva.  Now for her to decide what to do with this memory book?  She used extra long ribbons so she could fill it with something important.  Maybe she could put her collection of recipes in it?  Or her Faith Project and other Young Women collectibles?  One thing is for sure, she WILL figure it out . . .

because this young lady BLOWS me away!  She is so incredibly talented and in so MANY WAYS!

But she and I didn’t hit it off for quite awhile.  I know, it’s sad but true.

When she was a little baby, she started to fight me snuggling her, cuddling her, or even rocking her to sleep.  She would wiggle and kick and scream until I lay her in her bed, swaddling her first – as tightly as I could, so she could work it out for herself.  That made me cry.


But as I prayed to understand this unique spirit, sent directly from the presence of God, I had a reassuring feeling that IF I would respect her, should would one day respect me and become one of my best advocates.

But that seemed almost wrong to me.  How does a mother let her child just figure it out, all on their own?

I just couldn’t understand WHY this little baby couldn’t blend in with our family more easily, allowing us to love her, care for her and share with her?  What I was hearing couldn’t be right. . . could it?

GingerSnap had come into the world SURROUNDED in love.  She even came in between two family weddings.  EVERYONE was ELATED to have her here!

Especially this little man!

(El Gringo at almost 4 years old)

So WHY wouldn’t this little baby girl, that I had wanted so VERY MUCH, just LET ME LOVE HER TO PIECES?

Because that wasn’t her style!

She was independent, almost to a fault, and she had a lesson to teach me.  Thankfully others started to figure out just HOW to spend time with her.

It was ME who had no clue!

So I watched how others did it.

(Here’s her dad “teaching” her how to walk FAR TOO YOUNG for my taste, but it was just what she wanted!!)

Like trusting her to be safe in a bathroom sink, while chewing on other people’s toothbrushes.  I learned that it didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought would be.

Accepting that “playing in her room” didn’t mean playing with toys,

but going on adventures.

And moving out of her nursery at the age of 2, although it broke my heart, helped me realize how AMAZINGLY BRAVE this little girl of mine is.

(But look at the folding chair I have placed up against the bed because I was terrified she would fall out of bed and hit her head – boy did I worry too much about this girl!)

This girl didn’t need a mother, helicopter parenting her!  She was wild,




(she didn’t NEED glasses but wanted them anyway!  These are prescription free accessory glasses from Walmart.  Who knew they made something like this?  GingerSnap did!)

and SHE KNEW HOW to have her own kind of fun!

She loves to do her hair,

make treats for others to enjoy,

try new foods,

or new adventures.

She loves to serve,

to make and give gifts,

and receive love.

She likes to meet new people, with a little help from others,

(Jon Schmidt came to Costa Rica on vacation with his family, including his daughter Annie, just before Annie died.  It was a joy the he was so friendly and willing to let the gringos of the ward visit with him after church.)

do tumbling tricks,

and spend time with her family!

She LOVES babies!!!!!,

High School Musical (still),

and any reason to celebrate!

(this was August 15, Mother’s Day in Costa Rica, even though the kids had already celebrated the USA’s Mother’s Day in June.)

This kid is sweet,



and obedient.

(She let me dress her up, even though she likes to pick out her own clothes and she didn’t think she would look nice.)

She is photogenic,

she loves to match her little sister,

and be a part of fun experiences!

She loves her best friend Robyn, and all the memories that they have shared,

she’s a daddy’s girl,

a patient sibling,

and she looks up to . . .

this guy right here!

She a journal loving,

temple going,

broken arm surviving,

cutest kid ever!

And I’m grateful that after MANY struggle filled years,

practicing to respect her for the person that she is, this girl and I could finally learn to be


I love you GingerSnap.  Thank you for being my truest friend all of these years.  Most especially while on our adventure in Costa Rica.  I cherish you and ALL that you have done to see me through each day, learn more about myself (especially my weaknesses) and cherish the person Heavenly Father created me to be.  I hope and pray that good things will come to you . . .

like maybe getting an AWESOME mother-in-law one day!  One can only hope, because you deserve the best that life has to offer.  Thank you for teaching me patience in ALL things!

I love you sweet girl!


Love ~ Mom

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  • Allison Owen

    Wow what a tribute! She is so sweet and learned from her sweet mother! I’m happy for you that your relationship has developed into what it is! ❤️

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