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#96 – Getting to know President Nelson

I was inspired the other day to try something new.



This is one of my favorite daily blogs.  I read her book and that led me to her blog.  I now look forward to reading her whimsical, touching, inspiring posts every Monday – Friday.  She feeds my sister- soul in a way that I need right now, living SO FAR AWAY from those who usually fill my sister-soul cup.  I’m extremely grateful for technology and even more grateful for the bounteous blessings it brings to my life each and every day.


This week, Stephanie Nielsen shared that she was starting to listen to one of President Nelson’s conference talks each day.  I LOVED the idea, especially since I was feeling a bit out of touch with our newly called Prophet.  This is only my second experience having a Prophet pass away, so I am still getting the hang of how to make a smooth transition from one Prophet to the next.  One thing I do know for sure is that THIS CHURCH is led by Jesus Christ himself and that the mantel of Prophet is given to those whom our Savior calls and qualifies.  So I am not concerned about whom has been called, I would just like to get to know our new Prophet a bit better.  So I took on her challenge and I am loving it!


So much so that I wanted to share it with you too!


Here is a wonderful link to all of President Nelson’s talks, from the most recent to his very first (that is where I started, from the very beginning).  I hope you enjoy listening and getting to know him too.  It sure has brightened my days.


Thanks for listening,

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