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#97 – Throwback Thursday . . . a Story of Motherhood

I have been a slacker.


Or maybe I have been watching too many YouTube videos?


Maybe both.


But to get back on board, I thought I would share a story that I shared with one of my readers today . . . thanks for the motivation Allison!


Where I got the story is from a Throw Back to me attending a WONDERFUL FREE CLASS called Sisters in Scriptures.  If you are in the Holladay area of Salt Lake City, Utah, you can check out these classes.  All the information is online here.  Or, you can listen to these classes online, which I still do . . . what a BLESSING!!!


These classes changed my life.   I felt lost and needed some direction in my life.  I had no idea scripture class could be so powerful.  While attending one class, this story was shared.  I don’t remember who or when but this story has stayed with me all these years.  This is what I remember.  I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration in it as well.


The story goes that this mother had a son that was wild.  He would come and go as he pleased and he would refuse to obey the family rules in any way.  The family was at a loss of how to include him because he just seemed to ruin everything they did together, so they were finding that they liked having him gone as much as he was but he was a teenager still, he needed to be home with his family.  So they were torn.    
The son would come home at odd hours of the night, always after curfew, and fall into bed, in his clothes.  The mother couldn’t sleep until he got home.  She would wait up for him but he would only acknowledge her with a grunt or a confrontation.  She ached to know what to do.
So one night, after her son had gotten home late and ignored her on his way to his room, she knelt to pray.  She poured her heart out to the Lord, praying to know how to help her son FEEL loved, FEEL wanted, FEEL needed and FEEL the possibility to change and be the person they all knew he still was inside.  As she prayed, she had a feeling to “Go and tell him.”  
“What??” She thought.  “He will just slam the door in my face and it will wake up the entire house.”  The Spirit said, “Not if he is asleep.  Go and tell him now, while he is sleeping.”
This mother was terrified.  One thing her son did NOT LIKE was anyone being in his room without his permission.  But she had the inspiration of God to obey, so she did.  She gently, quietly, opened his door.  She walked over to the bed to find her son fast asleep – passed out.  She bend down but then pulled back, too afraid she might wake him up.  So she simply said, “Son, I love you.  I always have and I always will.  I hope you get a good night’s sleep.”  And she walked out of the room.
As she went back to bed, a peace enveloped her like she had not felt in a long time.  She felt comforted and reassured that she had done the right thing.  The next night she found herself, creeping to her son’s room, after he had fallen asleep, and doing the same thing.  She continued to do this, night after night, each night daring to get a bit closer to her son’s ear.  But each night, she found herself telling her son more and more things that she loved about him.  As the night’s wore on, she noticed that her son was coming home earlier and earlier, thus allowing her to get a bit more sleep each night.  Then one night, she was so grateful to have him home at a decent hour, already sleeping in bed, she finally sat on the bed.  She poured her heart out in gratitude to her son for coming home early, for getting to bed early because it was blessing her life.  She was so thankful to see him home too.  He had not been upset that night, or even the past few nights.  She felt peace being with him and found herself talking to him for longer than she normally did. 
As she left the room, she heard a soft voice, “Mom?”
“Yes son?”
“Thank you.”
The mom waited.  She was stunned.
The son continued.  “All these nights, I have been pretending to be asleep but I haven’t been.  Thank you for being there for me Mom.  I love you.”
The lights were off, the room was dimly lit by the light of the stars from the window but the feeling in that room was brighter than any light this mother had ever felt before in her life.  She wanted to run to her son and embrace him but something held her back, “Not yet.  Let HIM come to you.”  So she simply said, “You’re welcome son.  I love you.”
As she turned to walk out the door, she heard her son say, “I KNOW YOU DO!”  And he rolled over to finally fall asleep.  As she shut the door, THIS MOTHER heard the Spirit say, “Well done!!  Thank you for helping me with my son.”  
This mother knew that all was not yet fixed inside her son but hope had returned.  This son looked to HIS MOTHER as a guide through the darkness.  As he began to attend more and more family activities, he looked to HIS MOTHER to see how to behave.  This son had to relearn what it was to be a part of a family again, to not be so selfish and to even share his mother with the rest of the family.  This son had forgotten simple truths because of his disobedience but because HIS MOTHER KNEW where to find needed strength, support and love, THIS MOTHER could help her son relearn what he had forgotten but she always knew he remember. . . how to be a son of God.  


This story also made me think of this amazing video!!!


Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


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