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#106 – Our Busy Week!




This is my safe place.  This is where I work, rest, visit with friends/family.  This is MY spot.  And I have learned to love it.  At first I didn’t like always having to sit on my bed, just to have a quiet moment or some personal space, but now I realize just how blessed I am to have this safe place.  So, as I reflect on the last week we have had, I am sitting here, comfortably writing away on my laptop to you.


Last week was jammed packed with TONS to do!  


Because Paul didn’t need the car, I was able to do SO MUCH!!  It was lovely having a car to myself again.  Monday I was SUPER NERVOUS and even a bit edgy to be around because I had to go give my statement for our car accident the week before.  I had El Gringo go with me and our friend David (Dah-veed), who was not only our witness but my translator.  Sadly, him being my translator voided his ability to be a witness as well.  That was totally irritating to discover.  Had I known this, I would have had El Gringo translate for me.  DUH!!!!!  


Anyway, David did such a great job that they asked him if he would like to come back again when they have other people who need a translator.  He was so touched; especially since this was his first time translating for anyone.  He did such a GREAT job that afterward we took David out to say thank you, to one of his favorite places to eat – a Steak shop in the local mall. 


That night, since Paul was not able to be home for FHE, our friend Spencer took all the kids out for bowling and dinner to Denny’s, while I took the night off and watched a REAL MOVIE at 4:00 in the afternoon.  I was SO well rested when they got home that I felt exhausted.  It was a joyful blessing to have that opportunity – it rarely happens.  


Tuesday dawned early but the night before I just couldn’t sleep.  So I needed to come home and take a 90 minute nap before we started our usual “Tuesday Routine.”  Each Tuesday it is my turn to lead our family in our daily Family Devotional = hymn, prayer, scripture about an attribute of Christ (Preach My Gospel), recitation (Family Proclamation, Living Christ, Articles of Faith, or memorized scripture), Family Goal/Business, sharing of where a Family History ancestor’s birthplace is, then a spiritual message (New Era/Friend article, Mormon Channel video). 


Instead of sharing a message, I teach our Family History lesson.  I LOVE this curriculum.  I think the entire family does too.  We are getting closer to finishing History 1.  I am excited to start History 2 next year!!  After History, I worked on my blog, had a talk with El Gringo and then prepared for my Stake Primary Presidency meeting in the car, while GingerSnap planned a baby shower with the mother she is throwing the shower for.   It was a full night and I was more than happy to go right to sleep after I got home.


Wednesday was a bit crazy!!!  We have some friends that also homeschool but since we lost our family car, we have found it quite difficult to make plans with anyone.  We really wanted to do something with these friends but didn’t know when?  Then I realized Valentine’s Day was coming and my kiddos would need something fun to celebrate the day, especially since Paul wasn’t able to be with us that night.  


So we invited the Ayala Family to come have a CRAZY UTENSIL PARTY with us!



The kids had a blast and the looks on the Ayala’s faces when we told them that we will be eating with odd utensils from the kitchen was priceless.  Thankfully they ALL had a REALLY GREAT attitude and lunch went really well.



After lunch, these two came up with a SUPER FUN koosh-ball game in the Living Room.  They respected my concern for the furniture and had a blast until many of them cried with joyful tears.  Then they played Dominoes, swam in our pool’s icy-water, took hot showers, frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies (THANKS SPENCER for the recipe!) and then played outside.  Their mother, Dora, and I went outside to help the kiddos jump rope.  We turned the rope for at least an hour before they were satisfied.



The little ones and I read from “By the Shores of Silver Lake” while El Gringo and GingerSnap attended Mujeres Jovenes/ Hombres Jovenes (Young Women’s and Young Men’s).  We ALL crashed that night.  It felt great!



The next morning, this one came downstairs and informed me that when she woke up, she had something funny in her mouth.  The night before she had complained that her bottom tooth was wiggly and was bothering her but after trying to pull it out, we found it was not ready.  She promised me that it would fall out the next day and IT DID!!  She just woke up with it floating in her mouth.  I have to say, that is pretty cool!  Enjoy those straws, Curly Cook!




We spent the morning going through the girl’s shoes and actually found a few pairs that Curly Cook could start wearing.  Do you do “hand-me-downs” in your families too?  We do and it has blessed us immensely.  Like these black, rose ballet shoes above.  We were given these by our Utah neighbors, the Kinneson’s, after their daughter grew out of them many years ago.  GingerSnap was able to wear them, as well as Curly Cook.  These shoes lasted 3 girl’s worth. I think I will buy high quality items for my grandchildren so that not only will each family be able to hand down those items to each of their kiddos, but cousins might be able to use them too!



After saying good-bye to our old shoes, El Gringo and I said hello to my friend’s newest addition – Eden.  She is already 3 months old and I am just barely meeting her now because her mother flew back to the United States to have her and just arrived a few weeks ago.  I love my friend Sheila.  She is heaven sent for me and allows me to just talk and talk and share all my thoughts and feelings as directed by the Spirit.  I truly do try to leave her better than I found her, for she always does that for me!!




Then I dashed home to teach my FIRST Piano lesson!!!!


As I was helping this soon-to-be Sister Missionary (she is leaving Wednesday for her mission to Nicaragua), I was tickled to pieces that I was doing something that had been taught to me.  This sweet sister had been trying to teach herself how to play the keyboard but the left hand proved to be impossible.  So I taught her the Chord Method.



Now, I get that this isn’t the “ideal” way to teach the piano but for those who REALLY would like to play the piano but they are struggling to get the hang of it, this really is a wonderful alternate to the full method.  I played a few songs for her, so she could hear what it sounded like and she loved it.  I also bore my testimony to her of the POWER of music and how it doesn’t matter how good we play or which method we use, all that matters is that we share our love and testimony with others through what we are doing and THEY WILL FEEL IT!  She was SUPER touched by the experience and left as happy as I felt inside.  


By this point I was not only incredibly hungry, because I missed lunch, but I also felt exhausted.  4:30 a.m. carpool is always a bit rough the second and third weeks, so I knew I couldn’t take a nap if I was going to retrain my body to sleep between 8:30 pm and 4:30 am.  So we watched a movie together – “The Neverending Story.”  The kids have stayed away from this movie for YEARS but I felt they could handle it now.  So we all gathered around the tv and enjoyed this cheesy, overly acted movie.  Thankfully it was still light when we started the movie, thus helping the darkness and fear not seem so powerful.  (Curly Cook missed most of the movie because she was playing at her friend Katie’s house – which was perfect for her.)


Friday was TAKE A REST day for me.  This is the day I take a bath and soak away the busy week.  I also chill out in “my spot” and work on what is MOST important, before I indulge in YouTube videos or even a movie.  El Gringo has plans to go hang out with our friend Spencer and watch “Thor 2” and the kids and I will hang out and maybe watch “Snow White” or they will watch “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.”  All I know is that we will NEED a movie to drown out the sounds of Karaoke that is ALREADY STARTING at 3:21 pm.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  They already did Karaoke last night and it was Thursday and it was LOUD!!!!  


Tomorrow we don’t have much planned.  I REALLY do not like to go shopping at PriceSmart or really any stores on Saturday, so I really don’t know what else to do tomorrow.  GingerSnap would like to drive up to the windmills but we have a manual car and I don’t think I want to drive up to the top of the mountains in that car.  Hopefully Curly Cook’s friend will come over and the kids will be entertained with her here.


Well, that’s our week in a nutshell.  


Thanks for listening,

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