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#111 – Throwback Thursday . . . Our House Remodel

** Well, prayers must be coming my way because I am finding the courage to not only write about this but also do ALL the work to dig up photos to complete this post.  I pray that I can share what needs to be shared and that when this post is finished, I will feel complete and happy about what I have created. 

So here it goes . . .


Back in December of 2014, we made a HUMONGOUS decision!



We packed up half of our belongings into a shipping container and moved to Costa Rica for what we thought would be just 3 years.  When our 2 & 1/3 year mark came, Paul and I realized that our family’s needs were changing and “moving back” wasn’t feeling like the right idea for us anymore.  We put some thought into our home in Utah and had the feeling that it was time, even if we were still living in Utah, to sell our home.  So we started the process.



Sadly, the home just sat on the market and barely got look at for 6 months.



We even tried hiring a FABULOUS new photographer, a friend of mine, to retake photos of the home in the fall, but no real bites came . . . other than investors, which was NOT what we were looking for.



But as the weather changed, we started to feel desperate.  Maybe renting the house for 2 1/2 years did too much damage to have our home sell for what we felt our home was worth?  Maybe settling with an investor was the best option after all?  Thankfully, the investors that were interested in our home only offered deals that DID NOT FEEL RIGHT.  So we had to go another route.


We decided to call up an old friend, Damon Lowe, to see what could be done.  He happened to be the one who helped us buy this home, as well as sell our previous home.  Damon was INCREDIBLE!!!  He helped us put things into perspective and gave us back “the feeling” that our home and neighborhood were worth fighting for and that with a bit of TLC, we could get this home sold FAST and for a price that we felt it was worth.



So Paul booked a ticket back to Utah, to see what could be done to spruce up our once lovely home and GET IT SOLD!


I must admit, when he arrived, he felt sick with the way things looked.  Our house had been used and mistreated in such a way that Paul didn’t blame people for not wanting to buy it, especially at the price that the home is worth.  Thankfully, Paul KNEW what our home COULD look like again, so he got right to work.



The highest priority Paul and Damon felt were the doors, handles and hinges.  Paul set up a painting booth in our garage and since it is a heated garage, he not only got the doors painted white . . .



he was also able to mud and paint the garage to match the rest of the new paint throughout the house.



Thank Heaven for my brother Brad’s professional grade paint sprayer and a jump suit from Home Depot to make things go quick and slick!



To complete the house, Paul decided to mud and paint the mud room too!



Next came flooring.  Paul pulled out all the laminate flooring out of El Gringo’s old room and Paul’s old office, and he also pulled out the old vinyl in the laundry room. Then Paul’s family came to help pull up ALL the carpet in the entire house and repurpose it for their homes (one had recently had a flood and the other only had cement in their downstairs – what a blessing!).


El Gringo’s old bedroom
El Gringo’s old bedroom
Upstairs hallway
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Living Room and Dining Room
Living Room and Dining Room
Front Door Entry and stairs to basement
What we called “The Library” (downstairs)
Downstairs Hallway
Movie Room
Joy Boy’s old bedroom (it used to be dark brown, dark navy with pink/white trim).  Sad but true.
The girl’s old bedroom (it used to be light blue, light purple, bright lime green).  Strange combo but it made sense while we lived here.


But before new flooring could be installed, MANY REPAIRS needed to be done to the home.  Thankfully we had a FULL STAFF of EXCELLENT volunteers who came and spent hours and hours fixing up our home.


A newly painted banister – Thanks Mike and Marilyn!!!
Help fixing up our gas fireplace – Thanks Bryce and Damon!
MUSCLE who moved out ALL the furniture in the home safely and without damage. WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!!
A crew to clean our yard, clean and repair our home and give love and support to my husband while I am far, far away! Thank you Owens, Whitmer and ALL the Whitchurch Families for loving my husband to pieces. He sure needed that, just as much as your helping hands and muscles.
My BEST NEIGHBOR and DEAREST FRIEND, LeAnn, brought over emergency food supplies to keep Paul and any helpers fueled during their long hours at the house, sometimes until midnight.
So long old florescent lighting, hello to AWESOME can lighting by Mom and Dad Whitchurch!


Paul stored all the newly painted doors in the kitchen, while the carpet guys from RC Willey came to lay the new flooring throughout the home.



It took three days to complete the job but once it was finished we had . . .



new vinyl flooring for the laundry room with new carpet throughout the ENTIRE house!!! 

WOW!!!!!  Is THIS my home or what?!?!?!  


Laundry Room – new laminate flooring
Laundry Room – new laminate flooring
Basement “Library”
Basement “Library”
Movie Room (basement)
Movie Room (basement)
Joy Boy’s old room
The girl’s old room
Living Room and Dining Room
El Gringo’s old bedroom
Paul’s old office
The STAIRS!!!! Gorgeous!!
The threshold from carpet to tile looks MAGNIFICENT!


New paint and new flooring made the WHOLE HOUSE feel brand new!!!!  Not much was remodeled in the kitchen but we did have AMAZING FAMILY come clean it for us.  Thank you ladies!  I love and appreciate you!!



Thankfully during the 12 days Paul was in Utah, it only snowed the last few days.  For our “Costa Rican bodies,” the snow was a BIG fear for us but after Paul had experienced it, he realized that our “Utah bodies” can acclimate, so maybe a trip to Utah during the winter WOULD be possible.  Prayers please.  Lots of prayers.



I am so proud of Paul!  He worked non-stop and did ALL he could to give the buyer of our house the BEST HOUSE that what we could afford to remodel.  With all the help of family and friends, and favors that were called in for us, we gave our home a $20,000 upgrade in under 12 days.  That is INCREDIBLE!!!!


Paul was also able to sell our dining room set (something we truly loved and wished we could have kept or brought with us) to a family who just moved into the neighborhood.  We hope that our “old” neighbors will be invited into their home to share a meal and maybe, just maybe, remember the times they shared with us at that same dining room table.



It is painful but celebratory to look back at the good memories we have created in this home.  ALL of my children LOVED living here and hopefully will cherish these days for the rest of their lives.  For we had . . . 


First Christmas’ in this house

Joy Boy’s 1st Christmas – decorating the tree in the Living Room with his dad.
Curly Cook’s 1st Christmas (left of Wendi). Joy Boy right of Wendi.


Play Dates GALORE!  As well as many Preschool groups!


The 2 youngest Scott boys over to play a little dress-up for silliness.

1st Days of School


El Gringo going to Junior High, 7th grade.


TONS of Birthday Parties!!!!


GingerSnap’s 4th Birthday Party


As well as our first set of Elder’s to eat and teach us in our home!!  


Elder Smith and Elder Clough of the Salt Lake City East Mission – Dec. 2013


Although Paul was the only one from our family to get the job done, I do hope that he felt our prayers and encouragement while he was away.  He is a hard working man and I am truly grateful he had the opportunity to work with his amazingly talented hands to put back together something that has been so special to our family.  We hope that the new owners will not only love the house as much as we did, as well as the neighborhood, but that they will also feel at home!



Thanks Paul!  You’re the GREATEST man I know! 

I sure do love you!



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  • Allison Owen

    Wow! That was so fun to see all the pics! It really was amazing what Paul was able to accomplish in so short a time! I’m so glad he let us come and help! It was a wonderful home for you and I too hope it will go to another family that will love it and care for it like you did!

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